Clearing Stock through Social Media Coupons

Liran is with us talking Clearing Stock

  • Using social media promo codes 10-15% every single month for 30 days max
  • Using a button on Amazon that says ‘share this with influencers’ in the social media promo code
  • Liran uses it every month in the hope that influencers pick this up

Avoid Long Term Storage date

  • Had long term storage fees coming on these products so debated what to do
  • Chose to either remove to warehouse and then do merchant fulfilled – as can;t retrurn it for 90 days
  • It has fees to get it out and then sell it elsewhere plus delays to re-introducing
  • So tested 65% with Influencer on the checkbox
  • Sent it last week at 9pm eastern and by 9pm Eastern and it was sold out
  • Several Facebook groups had picked it up from the influencer and had shared and added their associate link to it
  • It sold out super-quick and a lot of units of stock that was going to hit long term storage fees
  • Didn’t make a profit but instead of giving money to Amazon Liran would rather pickup new customers

Influencer Portal

  • Basically Amazon has a setup with Influencers who can apply to be on Amazon – i.e. 10k followers nad approval process
  • If you get approved then you can login and see all the deals that Sellers setup via the Influencer checkbox for discounted goods to be promoted
  • Great for the Influencer to share with the audience and have their affiliate tag on there
  • If it’s just 10-15% off you probably won’t get as much impact from Influencers
  • At 50%-60% off then more Influencers are likely to pick it up
  • In advertising Promotions you’ll see ‘share with influencers’ checkbox

Inventory Constrained

  • Powerful to move inventory and not just for long term storage fees
  • Do a regular launch but could you use these social media codes too
  • Use the link Amazon gives you and the discount is already applied for the customer – less friction
  • The downside is that you can’t manipulate this URL – for a two step keyword embedded link
  • Do a regular launch with a two step keyword search results URL along with Influencer Social
  • Will work well with a deeper discount and a lot of visibility on social channels where influencers share it
  • You will then have social traffic and a regular launch which will boost traffic in amazon
  • Risk is that they can buy as many as you have in-stock so need to manage it and watch sales and end the promotion
  • Or hold back inventory – do a removal order and instead of processing the removal – just hold the inventory for 2 weeks and manage it that way
  • When you end a promo code – it’s 15 mins to end it = Amazon says it’s 4 hours but it’s a lot quicker
  • Immediately hold back the inventory to ensure people can’t hold the codes anymore


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