Contract Manufacturing and Investment Deals

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Jared Haw joins to talk contract manufacturing

  • ePower Corp US manufacturer with factory in China
  • Product Development, Quality and Logistics

Product Contract Manufacturing

  • For clients looking for contract manufacturing
  • For example if you had developed a new stand for the iPhone and you’re at the beginning stage the steps to go through are:
  • Most important part is to have a functional product so you can design the product around it
  • Then we make a sample that shows functionality (not the looks)
  • Design the product around the functional standards
  • Then develop a ‘golden sample’ – which shows how the product should look

DFM – Design for Manufacture

  • Design a product for manufacture and assembly
  • More moving parts mean more can go wrong
  • Having a sample does not mean it’s ready for manufacture – can lead to frustration and confusion
  • Find a company that understand how to design for manufacturing
  • Build this design thinking in up front
  • A Chinese manufacturer might bend to your needs rather than design a product that is good for easy and mass production needs down the line


  • Jared is putting his own skin in the game with clients
  • Seeing a strong trend with clients needing to sell customised products
  • Developing a product you have ownership of and you own the tool and patent
  • Jared offers services to develop products for these customers
  • Whether it’s self-investing, finding outside investors or a design engineer Jared can engage
  • They have a team of engineers that know how to design for the production line
  • Jared also provides Investment into pre-production stages of the development

To Qualify for Investment

  • There are two types of client that could qualify:
  • A company with strong sales and marketing background – buying and selling products from Chinese OEMs and want to move on
  • A company with a very innovative product but maybe with not the best sales channels

Investment Looks Like

  • Deals are mostly in cash for equity but reviewed on a case-by-case basis
  • The offer covers more than just the cash but business support services as well

Categories that are eligible

  • More outdoor gear, Pet Products, Toys, Kitchenware, Security
  • Not realy engaging with chemicals, medical, food and beverages
  • Electrical devices are okay too

Pitching for this investment

  • They need some financial info to be assessed
  • Are they credible sellers in their own right
  • Need to be more flexible with innovative products

Finding Clients

  • Quite diverse portfolio currently
  • Kickstarters are a fair number of the existing clients
  • Work with customers outside of Kickstarter too