Digging into Amazon Reporting

Rob joins to talk through Amazon Reporting and has been an on-line seller since 2008 and Amazon since 2014. Rob is big into the analytics and data.

Inventory Planning

  • is a new report that presents re-stocking info and over-stock info where you’re losing sales but have lots of SKUs
  • Great for many SKUs
  • Where you have too much stock
  • How old your stock is and are you about to get hit for storage fees
  • It knows what you’re low on stock on and can tell you when you need to restock
  • Great for wholesale stuff out of the box
  • If you put in your own data this report gets much more useful and specific to your business

Inventory Reports

  • The Category Listings Report
  • You have to open a case to get this report enabled for 90 days
  • Let you get your entire listing out with all of your ASINs, keywords, bullets etc
  • Re-use these reports for updating listings and migrating flat files
  • Also good for taking a backup of your listings

Pricing Dashboard

  • Worried about hijackers, losing the buy box
  • Tells you the buy box win %, sales conversions
  • Early warning system on this dashboard

Order Reports

  • Best for merchant fulfilled sellers

Customer Shipment Sales

  • Working out where your products are popular
  • Good for targeting facebook and adwords
  • Spot interesting off-Amazon targeting info

Payment Reports

  • Not that interesting – just send to the accountant
  • Special URL to get longer than 6months reports

Seller Coach

  • Beta version of the Inventory Planner
  • Managing stock levels across a lot of SKUs
  • This is not a bit of a dull boring report now

Email settings

  • Buried in the reports
  • Turning off all those annoying notifications you get
  • Reports > selling coach > email report – Go through the report and turn them off

Business Reports

  • The main one people use
  • SKU level data

Inventory Adjustments and Health Reports

  • Shows what a mess it is inside Amazon’s warehouse
  • Shows when it was lost, where it was lost

Long Term Storage fees

  • Charged twice a year and this is a good report to help you avoid these fees
  • Where to run your stock down
  • How to keep your estimates low
  • Just in Time storage management

Fulfilment by Amazon Sales / Amazon Fulfilled Shipments

  • Good for tracking number to the customer
  • Has it shipped, when’s it going to get to the customer
  • Tells you the courier and the tracking number
  • 17track.net is a good service for worldwide tracking

Customer Concessions

  • Covers returns that have gone back to Amazon
  • Lots of people return stuff they say is faulty but it’s not
  • Amazon put an LPN (Licence Plate Number) on it and send it back to you in a crappy box
  • You don’t know which that you get back is which return – you can use the LPN label to tell you why the customer returned it


  • Things you’ve been charged for that you shouldn’t have been charged for
  • Check that you’ve got the right amount of money back from Amazon
  • Do reconciliation reports to dispute any of these charges


  • Excel and Google Sheets is good to just import these reports in
  • Use software if available and don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Download the reports regularly to capture the data over time – they keep 18months daily but then it gets monthly

Top Reports

  • Inventory Planning is the top one – manage in stock rates, re-ordering and how old your inventory is
  • Category Listing is good for backing up your listing
  • Return reports are great for customer comments


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