Don’t Get Scammed By Agencies

Michael Hartman is with us telling sellers don’t get scammed by agencies when launching Kickstarter projects. We talk through the power of Masterminds, designing a Kickstarter campaign for your product and the costs you need to consider.

  • Back from a trip to the States
  • Michael was in a 9-figure seller Mastermind and learned a lot
  • As long as you develop a clique or own Mastermind this knowledge gives you that extra edge and value
  • Continuing to share information is key

Kickstarter Launch date change

  • 90% Done and preview link is ready
  • Launching a modular dress
  • 8 pieces combine into 24 outfits
  • Multiple colours upto 574 combinations
  • Been working on it for 18 months
  • Called ‘unzip-me’ and can be used like Lego for a dress
  • Michael’s partner is a fashion designer

Demographics on Kickstarter

  • Demographics on Kickstarter is 80% men!
  • This could be an interesting Kickstarter

Fashion Designer – beta test

  • Michael’s partner is the designer on this – not designed by a man
  • Beta testing with Influencers on Instagram
  • Models in Romania testing the dress
  • Now got a product that they are happy with
  • Not like creating off of Alibaba – designing from bottom up


  • Have around 200,000 emails to launch to (and a live list)
  • Comes down to the product and to the ads
  • Avoid pre-campaign and don’t get scammed by agencies is the guidance Michael has had


  • Facebook ads only helps you not get scammed by agencies if you can do this yourself
  • with UTM parameters and Google analytics
  • With retargeting
  • 50-100 creatives being developed to deploy
  • Preview link and please provide feedback to Michael

Lot of Effort

  • A huge amount of effort
  • Landing page design
  • Advertising
  • Product design and manufacture

Wider Opportunities

  • Used to run advertising for campaigns
  • Shark Tank approached afterwards to go on the show
  • Now expanding outside Amazon to Costco, WholeFoods, TV
  • Must ship on-time or as close as possible on the first one
  • Breakeven is good as so much follows after the campaign

Budget – Don’t get Scammed by Agencies

  • Physical cost about $5-6k
  • And this was mostly internal working
  • Using 3rd parties would be a lot higher like $20-30k
  • Bootstrapping can be $5-10k without using an agency – don’t get scammed by agencies
  • Get good ad copy to bring the cost down per acquisition


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