Driving External Traffic to Amazon Part 2

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Paul Harvey joins us to talk about driving external traffic to Amazon using Messenger bots and how to design the flow.

They are still so new to the market and Paul started using them a year ago and they have blown up since then.

People were apprehensive when they first came out as Facebook Messenger is so personal.

Big marketers are now pushing ads through Messenger and Paul prioritises those ads from marketers before his emails.

Put a Flow together

  • Purely for Amazon products is how Paul uses it for driving external traffic
  • Trying to use Messenger Flows the way they use Sales Funnels – Paul is a huge Click Funnels fan
  • With sales funnels people go from FB to Landing Page to Amazon
  • And with this only about 20-30% of people get past the selling on the Landing Page
  • The creepy sales copy does not work so well on such a personal basis as Messenger
  • A lot of bot flows don’t let you opt-out in the Messenger flow – still the Wild West here

Flow for Coupon Codes design

  • Start looking at it like a normal sales funnel
  • What is your lead magnet?
  • “Get this product 90% off 8hrs only” and please comment below
  • Either they comment below of click ‘chat now’ button and then Messenger pops up
  • So now you need to change to a ‘chat’ so a lot more informal
  • Paul’s first bot was in the Mummy space and he has his setup to pose as a female so it opened with “Hi Honey, how are you today – how are kids, how’s hubby…”
  • So very informal and ‘chatty’ as an interaction and not a professional environment
  • Make sure you use GIFs as much as possible
  • Who is your ideal customer, how do they speak, what do they do?

First 2-3 Messenger messages are key

  • As soon as they ‘engage’ with the Messenger bots first 2-3 messages they are your customer
  • So those first couple of messages are crucial to insight emotion to drive external traffic
  • An open rate of 50% is poor for Messenger marketing
  • Usually it’s 80% upwards where you are not being spammy

Make the Pitch

  • Either give some good content first which includes a tip that points them to your article
  • Send them a message 10 mins later “here is the product in that article with 50% off”
  • Do you then send them straight to Amazon or to a Landing Page?
  • There is no software that can automate one-time use coupon codes
  • Use Zapier into Google Sheets in Mini-chats – if you can
  • Or send them to a landing page that has the single-use coupon code and dynamically updates each time
  • This needs to be on mobile as it can only be accessed in the Messenger web view

Alleviate Obstacles and make it frictionless

  • Alleviate as many obstacles as possible for driving external traffic
  • Biggest obstacle is getting the coupon code from Messenger into Amazon
  • When people open links in Messenger it opens in web-view and they are not automatically logged into Amazon
  • People are not automatically logged into Amazon when they click the link and this is a pain and can deter people
  • This is because they have to go the link, copy the code and then take it to Amazon and login and enter it there

How to make this easy?

  • Easiest way is to insert one-time use coupon codes which helps in driving external traffic
  • But if you get people prepared to click and copy and get the code then they are great customers who are motivated

What happens when customer goes out of the Flow?

  • If someone comments and doesn’t follow the bot-flow then Paul has a VA that watches and gets in contact with customers that fall off the rails
  • So there is a female that gets in touch with customers within 10 mins

Optimise and Control each step in the flow

  • Everytime the bot flow is triggered you can monitor it on Facebook
  • If they go into the 3rd step then they get tagged as they move through and you can monitor this
  • You can see where they read a question, answered the questions and what stopped them moving from step 2 to 3
  • You can see how many moved through to buying at discount or at full price so you know your ROI

Top 5 Things

  • Get big piece of paper with pencil and rubber, draw it out and all the questions you’ll ask
  • Then do a 2nd sheet with all the changes you’ll want and go on from there
  • Paul uses a big whiteboard and draw¬† out the steps
  • A visual flow makes things a lot easier
  • Do not over-complicate it as if you do your customer will find it too difficult
  • Avoid being spammy