Driving External Traffic to Amazon Part 4

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Paul Harvey is with us talking about using bots for driving external traffic on your external website or landing pages.

Traditional Setup stage

  • The chat widgets most people are familiar with are the little box in the bottom right hand corner
  • It requires a bit of techie stuff but can be done easy enough and helps with driving external traffic
  • What works better is using the Facebook Messenger as your helpdesk

How to engage

  • Looks identical to all the other chat software like Twilio
  • Except if has the Facebook Messenger logo
  • When they click on it they see their own Facebook photo and can chat to the Bot flow or a person manning the bot
  • There is automation there to show when it’s live and can chat
  • And it is FREE, you can set it up on your Shopify site

What kind of Flow

  • Buyer can’t find something on the site
  • Click on the bottom right hand side corner where the Messenger logo is
  • Then it will ask a set of options for you to pick
  • Click on ‘tell me about new sales promos’ and the chat bot will send this through
  • They can walk away and continue the chat on their mobile Messenger app
  • If they then select they want to speak to someone then just select and real person receives the chat notification to continue the conversation

Must have a Facebook Messenger account

  • Once a customer engages with your Messenger Bot then you can connect with them whenever
  • They are your customer until they unsubscribe
  • Just copy and paste some code into your WordPress or Shopify website and you are done
  • The widget appears on your site
  • Then you setup the backend to automate everything for you


  • It will capture the names of people who have interacted with your chat bot
  • It will also measure how long it’s taken them to respond
  • You can only message a customer within 24hrs of their last interaction with the bot
  • So keep them interactive the whole time and you can track this and tag them accordingly

Discounts on your website

  • Using your funnel or sales page, you can now include the Messenger Bot in your funnel too
  • Have the Messenger icon there on the last page of your sales funnel before they go to Amazon
  • Then if they have any questions you can tackle it
  • Three points of contact:
    • Email address
    • The Facebook Pixel
    • The Messenger Bot

Facebook Pixel Integration

  • Whenever someone with a Facebook profile and logged in to Facebook then Facebook will market back to them on the Facebook platform
  • Make sure when you send them to a landing page that the pixel is always firing so you can market back to them
  • Using Facebook Messenger bot you can pixel your links – “would you like this product” the YES button is a link to your Amazon product and also firing as a Pixel too

Call to Action

  • The Messenger Bot will only pop up below the fold – only one call to action
  • No leaky funnels thanks
  • Those that scroll below the fold are the ones that wander
  • When we setup the landing pages we need to decide are we going from Facebook Messenger to Landing Page or from the Newsfeed to the landing page?
  • Each has a different view and setup differently


  • Put the Messenger bot on your website for driving external traffic
  • Prepare a menu bar with FAQs, Current Sales or speak to a Human
  • Make sure when someone clicks on sales promos that you give them great advice and offers
  • Once they have spoken to your Messenger bot, create an automated broadcast that goes a week later – “We want you back, here’s a discount, PDF, blog article about what we discussed”