External Traffic For Amazon Sellers – Training Facebook Pixels

Paul Harvey is with us on external traffic and facebook pixels, how to groom your pixel to find a target audience, bargain hunters ruin, the power of the pixel phases from pageviews to add to cart and retargeting chatbox traffic using the pixel.

  • Not many Amazon Sellers use the pixel
  • The pixel lets you ‘re-target’ people that come to your site and create an audience of more people like them

Setup your Facebook Pixels

  • To setup you go into your Facebook Business Manager account
  • Go to the facebook pixel and it will give you some code
  • In Shopify you just give your pixel ID, if it’s WooCommerce or WordPress then you paste the code in your header of your site
  • The Chrome Extension ‘Facebook Pixel Helper’ will tell you it’s installed correctly and you see the pixel firing

Groom your Facebook Pixels

  • You want to create an ad that targets ladies who are ‘mom’s and have babies
  • Amazon sellers never need to use a pixel as traffic is organic
  • You don’t need to get traffic to your website on Amazon
  • You run an ad targeting ‘mothers with babies’
  • Look back at your pixel and there are 3 pixel fires:
    • Page View – when someone visits your website
    • Add to cart – when some ads your product to their cart
    • Purchase – when someone buys a product
  • All the same pixel but different ‘firing’ types for the pixel

Grooming your pixel

  • We need to coach or train this pixel
  • Create a facebook ad that targets Mom and have kids
  • Target all the people that have viewed this page
  • Facebook will then look at all the people that have viewed your page and look for similar people to match them
  • You fit these into that Pixel and then you push it
  • When you have 50-100 pixel fires for that event ‘page views’ then the ‘page views’ element of that pixel is groomed

Add to cart event

  • Then you move onto the next step of the customer journey event for this pixel which is ‘add to cart’
  • You create an ad targeting people who have already added to the cart
  • The pixel will now look back to its previous history and match Mom’s with kids most likely to add to cart
  • Then you move onto the next event which is ‘purchase’
  • Run an ad to target Mom’s who have kids and have purchased
  • This is the most valuable potion as purchase is key
  • Now you have a super targeted pixel

A Well Trained Pixel

  • Now you can use this pixel with ‘zero interest’ as the pixel has its own pool of people
  • This well trained pixel then you can use it again and again
  • A well trained pixel can be a true business market

Comes at a cost

  • What kind of investment are we looking at
  • Some people don’t want to invest especially with a new product and uncertain results
  • Stage 1, 2, 3 all cost to invest into the pixel
  • Paul runs Amazon images in his ads to get conversion – from 20p to 50p per click
  • Most ads only convert if you have discount, higher the discount the lower the cost of the ad
  • You want to train a pixel to purchase all your products
  • Amazon products Paul budgets on 50p per click
  • When going to his own Shopify site he’s budgeting to $3/click
  • Aim for a new store to budget with $1-$3 per click
  • Say about $1,000 to get your facebook pixels trained upto conversion phase
  • At 50-100 fires you are still paying for that click


  • you will also be running re-targeting ads
  • People that don’t finish the purchase will get retargeted
  • So multiple ads running at the same time
  • Some days these ads will perform well, other days not so much

Pixel Ruined by Bargain Hunters

  • Once the pixel is trained and ready to go to zero interest
  • Will Facebook look at that and offer to bargain hunters
  • You might want the sale for visibility on page one
  • Don’t worry about the bargain hunters you want full price people
  • If you use discounts in your pixel grooming then it will be linked to that audience
  • The Pixel is ruined if it’s geared towards bargain hunters which are not the audience you want
  • Makes sense to spend more money on Facebook ads to get the higher quality buyers
  • Might achieve better visibility quicker but using the wrong kind of buyers

Chatbot Pixeling

  • Using the pixel in the chat bot campaigns
  • Retarget people that didn’t like the product with alternative offers
  • Landing page from your product insert is pixeled too
  • Training your pixel really is an asset and pays off in the long run


  • Cut & Paste code onto your site (or the shopify option)
  • Use the FB Pixel Helper plugin on Chrome to check you are firing
  • Figure out your target
  • Setup the interest into three targeting steps
  • Page 1 – page views 50-100 pixel fires there
  • Add to cart – 50-100 fires there
  • Purchases – 50-100 fires there
  • You then have a well trained pixel
  • Be sure you’ve not discounted too deeply, say 15-20% off as a maximum


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