External Traffic with Yousaf Part 2

Got Yousaf back on external traffic.

Mainly operating in the Health & Beauty sector with several different brands driving traffic to their own website. Went heavy on paid search and a lot of work with Facebook and instagram.

  • Facebook is dramatically expensive
  • If you have a product that is retailing below £25, Facebook can be difficult to get ROI
  • Started with normal Facebook campaigns for external traffic
  • Instead of going for a campaign that targeted both FB and Instagram – they separated them as platforms
  • Running the same ad for both Facebook and Instagram – a link will work in FB but there are no links on Instagram
  • Treated each platform based on its own merits, different copy and creatives

Shopify Customer List

  • Had a lot of customers in their Shopify store already
  • Exported those out and built custom audiences in Facebook to find external traffic

FB Zero Discounting

  • Ads are run with zero discounting
  • Discounting mindset comes from Amazon Sellers trying to use it to build rank
  • With Shopify it’s not so prevalent to use discounting
  • A lot of people lose money in this area
  • Selling a product at £19.99 and on Shopify the strikeout price is £29.99, not really discounting because you’re selling at the price you want to
  • Discounting is 90% to boost ranking from Amazon Sellers
  • Purely to rank and get visibility on page 1 so organic sales can take over on Amazon

Video ROI

  • Videos have proven to be the way to go
  • Did a lot of different videos
  • Spent money on semi to professional video of the product
  • The pro videos had terrible ROI and didn’t work
  • The videos that were made by bloggers / influencers which were pretty amateur
  • The results were very impressive as they were authentic if not polished

Conversions should be

  • Focussed on first purchase acquisition when they started
  • The repeat buy rate was unknown to them at that time
  • Looking at 3x Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)
  • Different campaigns have different RoAS
  • Uploaded 100,000 customers onto FB as custom audiences and understood the RoAS on those
  • Created lookalike audiences off of these 100k
  • Then created 1% match, 2% match upto 10% off of these
  • Found the 3% and 6% were giving the best return on RoAS
  • Others were turned off and zeroed in on the profitable ones

Split Testing on Ads

  • Never used these tools on FB
  • Know what creatives work and which doesn’t
  • Focused on testing different audiences and segmenting them properly
  • Doing other tests will be more sporadic and questionable results

Shopify and Amazon Data

  • Custom audiences
  • Shopify custoemrs import was pretty decent
  • The lookalike audiences off of these werer pretty good to
  • Extracted order data from Amazon API and brought in postcode, address and names of custoemrs
  • Then uploaded these to Facebook
  • Without email and telephones it’s more difficult for FB to match them

Retargeting for External Traffic

  • Did people who aded to cart and did not purchase or complete purchase
  • Ran campaigns targeting these people
  • Tested cart abandoners
  • 30 days, 90, 120 and 180 days abandoners
  • The 180, 90 were the ones that performed really well compared to the others
  • Not sure why but pixel data is telling us the performance

Instagram Setup

  • Knew from adwords campaign that a lot of converters were coming from mobile and mostly iPhones
  • Targeted campaigns towards mobile for external traffic
  • Replicated the same mobile campaigns and selected connected to wi-fi as a requirement
  • This was the one that provided better results
  • Purchasing is more likely done on wi-fi as you’re less likely to be on the move
  • Instagram videos was the best ad format
  • Reached out to Influencers to make videos for them and feature them in their ads
  • A good looking guy in the video got loads of comments about him rather than about the product
  • One of their ads got the lad onto a reality show as he got so famous through the ads

Behavioural Economics

  • Saying in the ad that this product sells one every 57 seconds
  • Had a huge impact on the conversions
  • It’s not what you say but what they hear


  • Platforms that help you reach out to Influencers are a rip-off and fake
  • Do it manually, do it yourself and get a feel for the people on Instagram
  • Look at the profile and work out:
    1. Are they truly influential
    2. Would they work with my brand
    3. Do they have real engagement
  • Identify the brands that have already worked with influencers and go and track down the influencers they have worked with


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