External Traffic with Yousaf Sekander Part 1

Welcome Yousaf on External Traffic

Launched brand in 2016 but wasn’t aware of Amazon FBA, started with Shopify and went hard on Adwords.

Was an up and coming trend and pushed adwords to more than £15k/month.

Standard Paid Search

  • Did shopping ads
  • Tested things on YouTube
  • Did a lot of remarketing through Adwords as well which was very successful
  • Remarketing can be a cheaper way of getting recurring visits for people that fell out of your funnel
  • Google shopping ads can be a bit more expensive and complicated to setup

Trend Research

  • Was there enough data around for researching keywords on this trend
  • Lots of data and a competitor that wasn’t very switched on
  • The market was not saturated and so able to go hard with little competition in the first few months


  • Paid search at top of funnel closest to the conversion as people are typing in the keywords
  • The re-marketing is off the back of that

Paid Search

  • Identify the keywords to identify the hero keywords and the questions people are searching for
  • Very granular campaign, 10-12 campaigns with heavy segmentation
  • Setup all the shopping ads and threw a lot of money at it for the first 2 months to get data
  • The studied the conversion rates and which keywords were driving profitable revenue
  • Tried to A/B Test a lot of creatives for the ads
  • Set a cap to 3 days, any more and you’re ineffective and annoy people
  • Campaign was strong and decent conversion rates averaging 10-11% conversion rate
  • Did a lot of pricing tests on display campaigns as well as paid search
  • When you mentioned price on normal paid search campaigns they didn’t work as well as they did on re-marketings

Bidding Against Amazon

  • Had 83% search impressions share on Google for their niche – dramatically high
  • Tested the waters on Amazon and it really kicked off
  • Within a couple of weeks the Amazon revenue was matching their Shopify revenue
  • You can get a ‘vertical report’ from your Google rep to give more data/metrics
  • Were monitoring that heavily for months
  • When sales on Amazon increased, Amazon had identified this trend and Amazon started bidding heavily on the trend keywords
  • When Amazon identifies a trend they go as hard as they can on adwords
  • Cost per click went from 73p average up to £2.10
  • Now competing with Amazon and out-bidding Amazon became very difficult
  • Search impression share went from 83% to 34%

Setup Google Shopping ads

  • Need a merchant shopping account
  • Need to upload your products to merchant centre
  • Tricks would be if you have a hero keyword of ‘red shoes’ and you have one product that is red shoes
  • You have one product landing page with your red shoes
  • Identify additional keywords, duplicate the same product page, hide it from front page of the website but show it to Google merchant centre
  • You can now go hard on exact match phrase for these keywords as it has hard relevance for the keywords now

Don’t Build on Rented Land

  • Build on own land (Shopify) not rented land (Amazon)
  • Has several Shopify sites that are doing well with external traffic
  • Getting 11% conversion rate is huge, usually more like 0.x to 1% conversion rate
  • Being granular on paid search campaigns was a key

Landing Page

  • The landing page is also key with really good product imagery 3d visualisation
  • Keep the landing page simple with description, key benefits and 3-5 reasons of why you should buy this product
  • Same bullet point structure as Amazon but more targeted at telling shoppers why they should buy the product
  • Seeing all of this on a single landing has earned their trust and get a sale
  • Search Google for ‘the anatomy of a landing page‘ infographic

External Traffic

  • Try to understand your converting customers
  • 85% came from mobile customers external traffic
  • Adjusted the paid search campaigns to reflect the mobile side
  • Landing pages were almost perfect for the mobile experience

Programmatic Advertising

  • Realtime bidding through a platform
  • Usually done through agencies who have access to agency platforms like Double Click
  • Minimum spend of £500k/annum to get access
  • Other agencies have popped up that use this data but in a self-service model
  • Match2one.com 
  • Create display ads as you would for you remarketing ads
  • Load them onto the platform and then start prospecting
  • Allows you to show your creative ads to people who have not met your brand or seen your website
  • Costs a bit more but worth testing


  • Worth spending a lot of time in going as granular as you can get in both segmentation and optimisation
  • Uploaded a lot of customers as custom audiences that worked really well
  • If you have a trendy product and list on Amazon it will eat into your Shopify revenue massively


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