Going Deep on Inauthentic Claims

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Chris McCabe is back to talk about inauthentic claims.

Inauthentic does not mean Counterfeit

  • The term inauthentic is a poor choice for a number of claims with Amazon
  • Change your mind around to how Amazon identifies authenticity
  • Inauthentic does not mean ‘counterfeit’
  • Might be that the packaging has changed since last time
  • This isn’t worth what I paid for it is the basic view of the buyer
  • Condition and quality complaints cover these inauthentic claims

Not as it was Described on the listing?

  • Some of these are picked up by algorithms, maybe returns are too high – soft blocks and you get a notification from Amazon
  • Buyers contact customer service and report to Amazon that your product did not match the detail page
  • Amazon wants you to do the work and tell them why Amazon is getting complaint from buyers about the authenticity of your stock


  • Brands are more likely to use the inauthentic item claim than before
  • They know this works with Amazon investigators to get you challenged to prove supply chain documentation for your products
  • Also sometimes asked for authenticity letter for your product as part of the investigation
  • Do you know where your products come from, how do you inspect them and what documentation can you show from your supplier
  • The email from Amazon asks for ‘Supplier Information’ – and Amazon rejects Factory invoices as you are the Supplier and the Seller, a problem if you are a Private Label Seller
  • Information that can’t be verified on-line about the manufacturer, then Amazon says they want more information to be able to verify the Supplier (on Google or on-line)
  • Amazon just says they want Supplier information, but are not clear on exactly what information they are digging for so you can get into email ping-pong which is frustrating
  • They will not accept a ‘pro-forma’ invoice but don’t make up the invoices as these won’t be authentic
  • Amazon needs quality and complete documentation to meet their SOP

Escalation and Queues

  • Escalate within the team that suspended the listing first – don’t write straight to Jeff and send a Jeff-bomb
  • No point writing to Jeff or anyone else if your ‘plan of action’ is not complete and ready
  • Amazon don’t care about the small stuff anymore
  • If they ask you for a ‘plan of action’ they want to know what you’re doing to improve things
  • You need to show how you are managing a quality business and constantly improving quality in your business
  • Well written communication is so important – you can ‘lose’ Amazon early if you don’t get  a clear communication

Long term storage fees

  • Suspension – pulling out all of the stock and the work involved and costs
  • Keeping the stock outside of Amazon and shipping in on velocity
  • You don’t need to wait until your stock is out to do your plan of action – just quote the removal order ID and give your plan of action to speed up getting your listing re-activated
  • It means a lot to Amazon that you’re pulling the inventory in an appeal
  • Still try to get your ASIN re-instated even if you don’t care about the ASIN and you’re happy to drop it. Get the mark against your account resolved otherwise it might stick as a maker later – keep your account safe

Plan of Action Content

  • Short introduction 2-3 sentences
    • Explaining that you’ve received and understand their inauthentic complaint
    • How you have accounted for it and you’re going to tell them how you’re fixing it
  • How you’re fixing it
    • What the root causes of the inauthentic complaint were
    • Don’t tell them what they already know
    • Tell them WHY you got those causes (prove that you understand the underlying reasons)
    • And tell them the HOW about how you got the complaints (what happened – demonstrate understanding)
  • Fixing (bullets with real info)
    • All the proactive solutions that you’re applying
    • Give detail and don’t be short on details
    • Give real information



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