GURU Bashing

Danny is joined by Anthony Lee, Brandon Young and Liran Hirschkorn in an open discussion about GURU bashing and how the laudable goal of highlighting bad practice and even fraudulent behaviour might lead to toxicity or maybe backfire on you and your integrity. Is the sacrifice worth the risk…

  • This is about why people do GURU bashing

Liran Serial Offender

  • Liran is a serial GURU basher but it’s an emotional thing driven by anger of someone doing something wrong to other people
  • THe only way to vent is to go on the wall and post it there if someone is taking advantage of Sellers and Liran doesn’t like it
  • He doesn’t want to see someone treated the way he wouldn’t want to be
  • Also, having some level of reach on the wall then saving someone else from being scammed then it’s a responsibility to warn the audience not to fall into the trap
  • More a combination of emotion and responsibility to the crowd


  • It’s something we almost feel an obligation for as the information being disseminated is wrong
  • Some guys out there are professional course Sellers
  • Taking old course content and re-selling might be okay but not if fake content is used!
  • At least half a dozen people have fallen into the trap from this professional marketer
  • Really bothers Brandon that they come to him after they have lost money
  • People can risk a lot for that chance of Freedom
  • The Amazon coaching environment can become a mud-slinging contest – which may be a good thing if it gets buyers guards up to these ropey courses
  • Buying the bad course is one thing, but newbies might buy their first inventory and see it go wrong!
  • Some course Sellers get their 100 attendees to go after the same product as a top seller in 2019 for example – crazy! Setting them up for failure!

Dangers of Calling People Out?

  • You’ve given away a car – people call it a scam as they read the headline but not the story
  • People jump on the headline – but the winner took the $40k instead of the Car!
  • People mis-interpreted this and took the headline at face value and started kicking off
  • What happens when someone gets flamed out by the crowd
  • It Roman Times it was ‘stoning’ from a group – now people use Facebook and flame people out
  • The community can jump on board and cause a car crash by accident
  • Put yourself in a room of 100 random people and you’ll find a percentage that simply don’t like you!
  • Is there a danger that someone in the real world does something to hurt someone as a result of reading flamed posts on something

Calling it?

  • Where do you draw the line on guru bashing?
  • When 50% people lose money from a bad course, when 80%?
  • Where do you call it?
  • When do you draw the line?

Where do you draw the line?

  • Spirit of the post that Anthony started was to open the conversation
  • Anthony asked his group – what standard do you hold your experts to? Many are flaunting 30d screenshots and that seems to be all people need
  • Not so sure your amount of knowledge on Amazon is proportionate with the amount of success you’re going to have
  • Anthony was curious how other people thought and hence his post
  • Anthony likes to call people out and do some guru bashing too when there’s false info being used
  • Mud-slinging can be a chain-reaction in a group – it does not bring quality to the group or community
  • That is what should be avoided – it’s not good for anybody

Libel is a Real Thing

  • Brandon has posted about a faker and had great feedback from people who avoided that guys course and appreciated Brandon’s posting
  • Have your evidence though to back up your assertions because libel is a real thing
  • Compare Brandon’s mastermind course info with anything – there is value there in Brandon’s reputation
  • Saving people from making a mistake and losing their money so worth it to flame and expose these people
  • Is there another way? Maybe raise a civil-suit against the guy as it’s seen as fraud

Wilful Blindness

  • Wilful blindness, do you as a quote/un-quote GURU or leader – do you have a responsibility to let people know and engage in some guru bashing?
  • In law there is wilful blindness where if you know something and don’t share it….
  • It would likely be a criminal investigation to expose this


  • Liran thinks Anthony’s post is spot on about the 30d screenshots
  • There are people selling 8 figures or 9 figures and have not stepped up to teach
  • The sales versus knowledge base – someone may have a knack for teaching things regardless of if he sold 5m or 10m last year
  • Desire to want to help people succeed and personality traits outside of their 30d screenshot that may be more valuable in teaching
  • Screenshot should not be the be all and end all of whether you should pay attention to somebody

People are not Discerning

  • If people were more discerning then we would not have the guy holding the plaque that everyone is alluding to – too many people just accept the screenshot and accept they are an expert
  • Controversy around tools as well because people blame the tools too in some guru bashing

NLP Selling

  • Do we blame NLP, long-form sales pages, promises of gold etc.
  • People look to take the short-cuts and there’s no shortcuts to success in life
  • If it looks too good to be true then it likely is
  • Pre-suasion influences buyers, Marketers know how to push the levers that influence people – the screenshot translates into success and making lots of money
  • Look beyond the screenshot – don’t be stupid

The Ability to Teach

  • You get some who make $1m and have the screenshot, get their GURU-pass and start teaching
  • BUT…they maybe can’t teach or get messages across or command a room for 5-6 hours.
  • There may be better ‘teachers’ that are doing lower numbers but can get it across better
  • Having a GURU-badge is not enough to make it as a successful teacher
  • The better the teacher, the less likely the people that aren’t successful are likely to sign-up
  • Internet marketing does not have standards – your 30d screenshot is your ‘accreditation’ really!
  • We need some kind of organization of coaches that is vetted

Anthony plays Devil’s Advocate

  • How going into conversations and flaming people can be negative
  • As a leader when you have a competing course, it will bring focus onto you too
  • Some buyers that could benefit from the good courses of you people ‘calling out’ others might get turned off with the ‘chest beating’ posts and then won’t get that benefit
  • Dominant personalities only appeal to a segment – stop and think a second about how you’re putting the message out
  • Liran has had some comments saying ‘Hey-you are making yourself look bad’
  • Some will appreciate it, others maybe won’t
  • It might be turning good people off that might get benefit from your course
  • For Liran & Brandon – it’s worth sacrificing some courses to maintain your integrity
  • Anthony pointed out that no-one is losing their integrity in this talk as no-one is naming anyone here
  • Brandon could maybe frame his blunt posts in a different way..but balanced against actually calling this out
  • There’s an 80/20 where 80% of the audience will appreciate it but maybe 20% will not

Bad Experiences

  • Brandon has reached out and said that his content is poor and that he’s hurting someone but the guy carried on regardless so Brandon called it out
  • Liran had an experience, he asked for a course that was closed. He was sent a link for $2,000 and got the course
  • A week later it’s launched again and it was $1,000
  • Liran sent another note to the course complaining about paying twice as much
  • The response to Liran was – it’s just when you join the course
  • This incensed Liran about this kind of behaviour
  • If he’s screwing you over then he’s probably screwing others over too
  • Liran has even see marketing from others saying that ‘Amazon might make their course MANDATORY’!!
  • The level of ridiculousness is so high!

Appreciate having an Open Discussion

  • Appreciate Danny using his platform to have an open discussion about this
  • Sacrificing our own image to certain potential course takers
  • Liran is inviting anyone he’s called out to join him on his platform to talk it out

Doing the Right Thing

  • This podcast is about doing the right thing
  • Hope we can get to a place where there isn’t this toxicity
  • The trash takes itself out and the market improves and everyone can get on with business
  • Rather have loads of good people on this show with good things to offer the audience

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