Hey Dude – Where’s My Reviews Gone?

Chris McCabe joins on Amazon Reviews

  • Amazon were under pressure to do something about fake review
  • They’ve deleted some reviews and many legitimate ones were also removed
  • Suspicious behaviour around how many came in, timeframe of posting and positivity
  • Seem to just be attacking positive ones rather than negative and so hitting legitimate sellers more
  • Some of the ‘early review’ programmes that have also had reviews pulled

Impact on Sellers

  • There’s a big chunk of Amazon sellers that start with friends and family and grey hat methods to get a review
  • Someone had over 1,000 reviews wiped out and left with 224
  • Another had all his positive reviews wiped out and was left with only negative ones

What triggered it?

  • The Wall Street journal article made some impact but this has been brewing for a while
  • They haven’t found the accurate way to do it and so have done a shotgun blast to be seen to be taking action

Paypal shares info with Amazon?

  • Does Paypal share information with Amazon?
  • Some people buy a review and pay the money via Paypal and get spiked by Amazon this way

Sellers are Dependent on Review

  • Sellers are dependent on these grey ones to get noticed on Amazon
  • People have to get brand awareness raised in other ways now
  • Some people have great product and funnels but their review metrics get skewed because they are so quick adn so successful
  • Lots of badly written Chinese reviews coming in 3 days
  • There needed to be a cap on this

Amazon Reviews programme

  • Amazon understands that Sellers need reviews to scale their businesses
  • They have their own Amazon Review programme
  • Why can’t they open it up a bit more?

Attention Matters

  • Attention matters these days – metrics are the driver
  • Whether it’s likes, friends, etc
  • Instead of review volume, you focus on review quality
  • If the ‘star rating’ is the only thing Amazon was showing then people focus on the quality of reviews rather than the quantity
  • Click farms would not exist if the number of clicks on a page did not impact the sales ranking
  • Unless Amazon makes changes to the algorithm behaviour won’t change

Suspensions – a new run?

  • You have not substantially established your rights owner infringement notice against this seller
  • Sellers reporting Sellers and being blasted for fake infringements or clogging up the queues because the reporting seller misinterpret the ToS rules
  • Amazon does not agree with you, tired of one seller ratting out another and reacting with suspension of sellers until they get a proper POA
  • By-product of people pitching legal services aimed at taking your competitor out
  • Bottomline Amazon is not tolerant of this

Ambulance Chasing

  • Offering brand protection services to Sellers to make a huge judgement on what they can do in the Amazon system
  • They don’t know the legal position and are using their judgement but taking huge risks

Transparency Programme

  • Had people complain that it’s too expensive
  • Seems like it might help with brand protection
  • Had mixed feedback and saying it was worse than the SAM project for $42k to get account manager than knows less than you
  • People also complaining about Amazon Exclusives not delivering too


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