Hijackers, Hazmat and Performance inbound

Liran joins and talks Hazmat

Hazmat – Day 1 (Danny’s nightmare week)

  • Amazon asks for a safety data sheet on Hazmat products
  • Danny has a product that does not fall under Hazmat but got a Hazmat status notification
  • Danny had a status update notification of his product
  • Don’t send in the data sheet – just complete the exemption form as that’s all you need
  • The process once you enter it and send it in is a problem
  • There are 16 data points and most of your data sheets from your supplier will not meet the standard and you’ll be in Hazmat Hell
  • Danny raised a ticket when he sent in the forms and asked Seller Support to follow up with the department (that you can’t contact)

Hijacker – Day 2

  • Danny also had a hijacker on his section, in the other section outside the buy box
  • Amazingfreedom.com/hijackers for the How to Deal with Hijackers cheat sheet
  • Ben gave Danny a British version and a mandarin version too
  • Danny went to brand registry but they didn’t help, not meant to help get hijackers off your listing
  • The letter he sent to the hijacker was effective
  • Did a test buy 3 times the value of the product
  • Within 16-18 hours of the letter going in he was gone

Inbound Performance alert – Day 3

  • Temporarily blocked your ability to sell
  • Can’t send to FBA until you acknowledge the problem
  • At the 3PL, the label on the external carton was the wrong way round and when someone slashed the box open it damaged the barcode
  • Got it resolved with the photos

Liran’s news

  • A one day launch that Liran put out there for 2 new products
  • Training on email appends and email the customers one by one from gmail and it’s not against the canned spam act as you’re not mass spam mailing
  • Email your Amazon customers and ask them for a review or offer them a promotion to get them to opt-in to coupon and get them on a list
  • But for EU GDPR does that fly?
  • A difficult one as ‘are they your customer?’ or are they ‘Amazon’s customers?’
  • Sounds like a lot of holes in this strategy in appending email addresses
  • Is it against the spam laws?
  • Risk is an Amazon customer complains to Amazon or a competitor
  • How did you get the information is important, especially for GDPR

GDPR and Facebook

  • Uploading Amazon customers upto Facebook to use as a customer audience could be circumventing GDPR
  • It is all about consent
  • People in Europe are using custom audiences but their GDPR compliance may not be as legitimate as it could be
  • Be interesting to see what the results are of sending emails out one by one to customers – goal is to get them on your list
  • A link that says save 20% on your next order and optin to a new list


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