The History Of Seller Sessions And What Is Coming At Live

History of Seller Sessions

Augustas is with Danny reliving the journey and History of Seller Sessions, where it came from, the medium and channels it has evolved through and how over the three years it has grown to over 200 episodes open and available to the Amazon Seller community.

Building it out

  • Started Jan 2017 with Danny and Richard Morgan
  • We were doing two webinars a month and worked fine but then we had technical problems
  • These issues stopped the flow with the audience
  • We stopped doing those after a really poor show and we worried it was affecting the audience
  • So we moved to the YouTube platform and did a weekly video
  • Later in the year we launched the blog and wrote up the shownotes from the previous shows
  • Ran that for a while and built the SEO traffic and got more engagement
  • It was the podcast that really helped it take off and we had 13 months of double digit growth

Testing our Channels

  • Sometimes you have to test channels and many would have stopped after the technical issues, or the youtube videos
  • The History of Seller Sessions is similar to your Amazon business in that you seek different channels and areas where people are buying your product and you double-down on that
  • We started Nov 2017 and spent 9 months working out the channel and finding our medium
  • We found we can do more content in the audio than the work in YouTube and video render

One Day Conference – June 1st 2019 London

  • One day conference in London
  • Very much focussed around structured learning
  • In a prestigious keynote theatre with a learning curriculum
  • People are able to take notes and have a tiered workspace environment to capture notes and learning
  • There will be all the networking as well and break times for chatting
  • Focused on marketing on and off Amazon
  • Great addition to the History of Seller Sessions

What is Seller Sessions?

  • Saturday June 1st in London 9am
  • SSL is different because it’s not about making money
  • It’s about raising the bar in the UK for our Sellers
  • About bringing the World’s best talent all under one roof
  • Danny’s role is to curate the best guests
  • And ask the right questions
  • We’re charging for 6 speakers for the same price others in UK charge for one
  • We want the UK Amazon Sellers to be spoilt for choice as is the UK
  • It’s about building a sustainable education culture in the UK
  • Decentralise and disperse the knowledge putting high-end content into the hands of the UK Amazon Sellers
  • Working directly with Amazon on to build deeper trust ties to the UK community
  • Doing a webinar with Amazon pilot out last month
  • Also work with GS1 on the their Amnesty programme
  • We write a monthly article for the GS1 Blog to 36,000 members educating them on Amazon
  • All this feeds back into the culture, community and infrastructure

Ivelin Demirov

  • Ivelin is often copied without attribution
  • One of the most advanced technical minds in the community
  • Sharing A9 algorithm changes
  • breaking new findings

Anthony Lee

  • Way ahead of the curve since 2015
  • One of the World’s most respected experts on ranking
  • In the lab producing new case studies and sharing them on blog six leaf

Liran Hirschkorn

  • Liran is a regular traveller to Seattle and Amazon
  • Gives constructive feedback to Amazon
  • Trials a lot of the Amazon initiatives
  • Shares a lot of his own
  • A technical expert on Landing Pages and driving external traffic

Paul Harvey

  • Brilliant at breaking down complex information to share
  • New entrant and early to the chatbot space
  • Even built his own software to get around the limitations of products in the market

Casey Gauss

  • Technically talented and pioneered different ranking methods
  • Grown to 60+ Members of staff at Viral Launch
  • 40,000 launches under their belt and helped generate $7bn in revenue for their clients

Athena Saveri

  • Co-hosting alongside Danny on the day
  • Seller Con
  • China Magic host
  • Many events around the globe
  • Including, EuropeanSellerConference, China Sourcing Summit in Hong Kong


The Full Agenda

09:00 – (Registration and coffee)
09:45 – (Opening assembly)
10:00 – (Paul Harvey) “The Chatbot Advantage”
10:45 – (Danny McMillan) “Amazon PPC: The Science Lab of your Amazon Business”
11:30 – (Mid Morning Break)
12:00 – (Liran Hirschkorn) “Grow your sales, improve your margins with 8 Quick Wins Any Seller Can Immediately Implement”
12:45 – (Anthony Lee) “Psychological Marketing: Triggers & Flows That Get You New Customers (And Raving Fans)”
13:30- (Lunch)
14:15- (Casey Gauss) “How to Drive Sales & Keyword Ranking”
15:30 – (Ivelin Demirov) “How to Triple Visibility, Get Free External Traffic and Optimise Based on Behaviours on Your Product Page”
16:15 – (Short Break)
16:30 – (Panel)The A9 Algorithm “Predicting the future” Dr. Ellis Whitehead, Ivelin Demirov, Casey Gauss…more guests TBA

Tickets for Seller Sessions Live

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Ticketline – +44 (0)20 3974 8713

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