How not to Optimise your Listings on Amazon

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Arabella talks about how to optimise your listings and is a multi-channel Amazon Seller and runs a listing optimisation service for sellers.

  • Remember the 250 character length – now Amazon has shortened them down
  • They have their own optimisation data that they have used on their own Amazon Brands (typically 80 chars)
  • Pipes used to be trend as well, maybe a bestseller started using it
  • It’s used as a separator but they affect PPC
  • Try and have as few special characters as possible to optimise your listings
  • Main keyword phrase at the beginning of the title – helps index your keyword phrase for your canonical URL
  • Sticking to the 80 char rule it really forces you to consider what keywords you will use
  • Amazon is pushing you to think about the strategic keywords you use

Amazon Shorter titles

  • Forcing your brand name at het front of the title
  • Try and come up with shorter brand names when choosing them to optimise your listings
  • Mobile and other devices it gets truncated after 62ish chars
  • Be even more relevant with your keywords to reach your customer
  • Really long titles are not a great buyer experience and shorter titles work better for social media shares
  • How are you appearing on Google Search (about 70 chars as well)

Manage Buyer Expectations

  • Don’t make outlandish claims and let the customer down when they receive it
  • You will get negative reviews and comments on your listing if you mis-sell people

Subjective terms

  • Things like Top-rated, Best, Flash sale
  • Not ToS Compliant terms and so not good to optimise your listing
  • You should not be using them as they are subjective claims
  • Be feature benefit focussed in your copy
  • Diaper camp bears – optimised for Amazon characters and more ‘functional’ than sexy copy
  • It’s very concise, short, sweet and to the point – and it’s an Amazon owned brand!

Google Amazon Own Brands

  • You’ll find a list of their brands
  • Look at what they do with their listings to learn
  • Great images and enhanced brand content
  • Very good matching to their buyer persona
  • Edgings of the images helps with casting your eye as you go down the page
  • The bullets at the top of the listings are just purely functional – they are targeting the fact that we’re all so busy
  • “What does it do and how does it solve my problem”

Amazon are one of the biggest Testers in the World

Funny Listings


  • A really important part of the listing
  • An under-optimised listing means people are forced to ask questions to answer
  • Look at your competitor Q&As to see what to include above the fold in your listing
  • Always try and be on top of the responses to your questions on your listings




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