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How to Hunt Tigers and Build Your Audience with Steven Black – Part 2

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In this second part of our conversation with Steven Black, he gives us more copy writing and audience building strategies for social media. Why keeping both a group and a page is necessary and how to grow your branded groups organically.

Point of Switch

  • It is constant giving when running a group and creating a community.
  • What can you do?An example is the fitness space
    • Find 5 micro influencers that have 10 to 15,000 people following
    • With info products and reach out to them and ask if you can bundle your product and offer a discount.
    • Start posting their content before running a poll and ask who is their favorite. And whoever stands out, get their info product.
    • Instead of selecting one of them – run a poll 3 -4 months in advance.
    • On Prime Day, they ran an offer for everybody in their group.
    • Create a cross promotion.
  • And you just keep paying it forward. 
  • Keep your groups active by cross-posting content
  • Share something valuable to them. Keep commenting and liking.
  • Even if they never buy — they could help.

How to Grow Branded Groups

  • if you start your group,start with fun and light-hearted posts
    • A page link with a group link as a pinned post
    • Run a piece of content – keep it funny and light
    • Run a $5 a day ad.
    • Make sure that ad is targeted. 
  • Take the pinned post from the group.
    • When people start coming in to the group get that pinned post and boost it.
    • Boost it to everybody liking it AND their friends and ask them to join the group.
  • Group versus a page
    • Keep your groups closed because it feels exclusive and keeps people feeling safe from all the spammers and bullshits.
    • Keeps those spammers out.
    • Filtered.
    • You can post majority of your stuff in the group and some stuff to the page.
    • Once or twice a month post on the page. But keep the pinned post at the top of the page.
  • Run a piece of content with your messenger bot.
    • two messenger bots – would you be interested in joining this group?
    • Make the group about the niche or lifestyle – make them see why they would want that product. 
    • Any kind of topic – don’t talk about what everyone else is talking about
      • Example: baby section – don’t talk about baby safety. Everyone is talking about that. Make it about how parents will save time.

Here is a dark secret……

  • We will get our product with ten other of our competitors and set it up with 5 influencers to do a review.
  • Yours might be great but mine will be a little bit better because I paid the influencer for it. This happens all the time!
    • people think you need to have a huge following but you don’t.
    • What you need is huge engagement. That is enough.
    • Get the people in your group talking.
  • Hook: can we send you this product and have you test them?
    • How to do this: get ten samples from Alibaba and give them away to the group.
    • Let them come back and do an un-boxing.
    • People will then want to buy so tell them it will be ready in a week.
    • Other scenario: they have parts they do not like or you could improve on – LET THE MANUFACTURER KNOW and fix it.
    • Get back with new samples and do the whole process again.
    • And now it becomes perfect — you didn’t have to tell people that it is great. They did the marketing for you.

Looking for audiences…

  • A category has sub categories
    • Teething rings ->is not just babies. Your keywords will be infants, teething, baby tips groups, 0-3 months new moms group, new parent helpline group, what your mom didn’t tell you about having a baby.
    • Just make it about the lifestyle.
    • It is a digital campfire.
    • PRO TIP: If you learn how to generate headline – that is the idea for your niche group. A group name is a headline that people will connect with and will want to click.
    • Let people buy what they want and register after. Not the other way around.

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