How To Use Facebook Messenger Ads to Increase Your Amazon FBA Product Sales with Paul Harvey – Session 024

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We have Paul Harvey with us and he’s going to tell us how to use Facebook Messenger Ads to increase your Amazon FBA product sales. We’re covering the use of Facebook chatbots to increase sales.

What are Facebook Messenger Ads?

  • It’s a Messenger app in Facebook that everyone uses
  • When you create a Messenger Ad, it sends Messages to individuals with your ad copy in it as a conversation

Compared to other Ads on FB with Messenger Bots you can…

  • With straight traffic engagement ads, the buyer clicks on the ad, makes the purchase and are gone
  • With Messenger bots you can engage with them in a conversation and have them in your feed until they opt out

How to use Facebook Messenger Ads to help…

  • To help launch products and get reviews at the same time
  • Ad spend is a little higher than a normal ad but it’s much more effective, talking to them and offering the sale
  • You can talk to the buyer before to verify them, then show them the offer and if they want it they can buy direct from the Facebook App
  • This goes direct to Amazon and it’s quality traffic that Amazon loves

Setup is…

  • How to use Facebook Messenger Ads can be manual – You can create your own Messenger Bots in Facebook but it’s a pain
  • Recommend you use a software solution Moneychat, Chatflow, there’s a few and they plug into your Facebook Ads account
  • Then select an ‘objective’ which for us will be ‘traffic’ for Messenger and then sleect Messenger Pop-up
  • Create the add and have 1 or two options
  1. Click on the ads and have messenger bots popup with you ad
  2. 2or, Make it so they ‘comment’ on the ad and then Messenger popsup
  • Option 2 comments mean they are more viral when people comment on the ads. When they comment their friends see it too.
  • As soon as they comment, the bot will popup and say ‘Hi, how are you?’
  • When they respond to the bot (button click or message) then they are automatically subscribed


  • How to use Facebook Messenger Ads with software tools
  • Moneychat is $10/month
  • Login with FB Login
  • It will connect each page to it’s own Messenger Bot
  • Then you setup the Traffic Ads on FB

Engagement Process

  • You’re on FB and you see an ad that says buy this product 80% off, just comment below and we’ll send you the deal via Messenger
  • Messenger will popup and say ‘Hi, thanks for your interest in our offer’
  • It will then show them the deal and some info and they can then clickthrough to go straight to Amazon
  • The Buyer thinks they are interacting with you
  • You can pre-script everything and also you can take over and reply yourself if you need to
  • Very similar to scripting an email sequence

Size of the campaign

  • If you have 15 people at once coming at you….
  • Messenger users expect a rapid response straight away – gotta keep an eye on your phone all the time to respond quickly
  • A lot of people don’t even understand why Messenger has popped up and so you need to hand-hold them through

Engagement Rates

  • How to use Facebook Messenger Ads to get high engagement
  • This has a norm of 80% open rate currently
  • Big difference from 10% on email opens currently
  • Of the 80% opens what sort of engagement can you expect?
  • Paul says it’s about 66% (two-thirds) that engage and reply
  • Because people have spoken to you already and developed that ‘trust’ you can sell them down to your shopify store without needing to reply on the Amazon trusted platform to get the sales


  • The typical Messenger user has the memory of a goldfish – you have to keep them engaged all the time
  • You must throw lots of interaction (gifts, jokes, pictures of your store) and fast responses to keep them engaged and get them to trust your brand
  • Messenger bots have been around since February/April this year
  • Gaining traction quickly and likely only another year or so before the market gets saturated
  • Now is the time to start and make the most of it

You should not do…

  • Do not abuse your audiences
  • It is like the Wild West currently
  • FB not really put up stringent rules to follow, people getting away with a lot
  • You don’t want to ‘bug’ your customers
  • Once they opt-in to your bot you can message them
  • You might have to pay for it with FB
  • Spamming could be a big problem so be careful and respectful
  • You are collecting these people on your bot like a mailing list

How to maintain engagement ?

  • How to use Facebook Messenger Ads to maintain engagement with your buyers
  • Once they click on the ad the Messenger bot engages with them and they talk – this ‘should’ lead to a sale on Amazon
  • The next stage is that they get an automatic message (you have 24hrs to message someone again – after that you have to pay for it according to FB)
  • Let’s say they click on Monday at 1pm, Paul sends them an automatic message the following day asking them if they took the deal
  • If they reply YES, then Paul sends another message saying he’ll followup in a few days time
  • Paul then pays for another message and send to them a message asking what they thought of it and if they say YES then he asks if they’ll leave a review, it’s quite nice that they say they love it while on FB and Paul asks them if they’d mind leaving the review on Amazon (might be breaking ToS)
  • If on that day one message they say NO they hadn’t taken the deal, then the Bot says “Don’t worry there is one more hour left on the promo, do you want it now?” and it gives them the link to the offer

Paul’s own Script for giving coupons out

  • How to use Facebook Messenger Ads for doling out single-use coupon codes
  • Big issue is if you use a group code for a lightning deal and it goes viral you could get wiped out
  • Paul created an ad-on for Messenger that will automate the pulling-out of one-time use coupon codes and lock it to that user
  • This works by:
    • You setup a campaign and download 100 unique coupon codes
    • Running a script that draws the code from a CSV file and distributing a one-time user code to each buyer
    • Even if they share the bot with someone else the one-time use coupon code is locked to that user
  • Results are:
    • Quite a few roadblocks as they have to talk to the Messenger bot, then click through to Amazon, etc
    • But we’re getting subscribers and the option to get reviews
    • And these people really want to get weekly deals  from me, I can send at 30% off and they still buy
    • Also, because all the traffic is going through to Amazon we’re not worried because they have been ‘vetted’ through the Messenger bot
    • Conversion rates are good – Amazon seeing high converting sales coming straight from Facebook
  • Paul setup a product of 100 units, did 4 sales targeting one keyword (setup took an hour) and he went to page 1, number 1 on one keyword in 1 day – worked really well
  • Using a storefront URL with keyword for this

Language for the “request” for review…

  • Keep it informal for the Bot
  • I pose as a single mother trying to run a business – “Hi Honey, how are you”
  • We ask “what did you think of the product” and they really engage and send pics of the product etc.
  • Then he asks “what did you think of the product?” and the  say they loved it or hated it…
  • If they loved it I say “Would you mind leaving me your thoughts?” and give them a link to Amazon

Closing the loop on coupon codes

  • To match coupon codes to your sales to match off against your organic sales
  • Use Seller Legend to track the coupon codes to see how many were redeemed and who the customer was
  • Also, with Messenger bots you can track your sales use the off-line sales data on Facebook to see how many people matched up to your orders on Amazon

Cool thing is…

  • The chatbot in the bottom right had corner for support on websites for help can cost money $10-$50 per month
  • Why not replace it with Messenger bot because it will capture them as subscribers – don’t need to collect their email addresses

Contact me

  • Reach out to Anthony Webster on Facebook at ‘BuilderAll for Amazon Sellers’ Facebook Group