How to use Facebook Offer Ads to Rank Amazon products with Liran Hirschkorn – Session 019

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We’re back with Liran and investigating how to use Facebook Offer ads to rank Amazon FBA products. Talking about ad copy tactics, coupon codes, how many in the giveaway and the impact of review counts.

  • Coupon code hacks
  • I like to test different coupon codes for performance
  • I use external traffic to drive rank on Amazon – and to build email lists or generate Amazon rank

How to use Facebook Offer Ads – step by step

  • In Facebook ads you can turn on ‘Facebook Offers’ enables you to upload single use coupon codes right in Facebook
  • You don’t need to deal with landing pages, Amazon distributes the single use coupon codes for you
  • Tested 90, 80, 70% discount and it depends on your product and you need to test where you’re still getting sales generated from this traffic but offering the least amount of discount that makes sense to you – it’s the organic traffic and boost you’re getting on your keywords is the trade for this
  • I send the traffic to a 2-step URL:
    • A Search results page that has just my product with the keyword embedded in the URL
    • Customer clicks and goes to the product detail page, clicks and buys
  • Facebook offers are easy. Let’s say you are targeting people for a camping product in your target Facebook audience:
    • People that ‘Like’
    • Then narrow it down to people who ‘like’ hiking/camping
  • If they like they are probably a customer already and then narrow it down
  • You don’t need to be a genius at targeting because you’re offering 70-80% off in discount
  • Where people use Facebook as a social channel for full-price products they struggle

How to use Facebook Offer Ads and optimise an irresistible offer

  • But offer an irresistible offer like 90% off – Danny paid 13p per click and cost per-lead was $2/50 for the acquisition.
  • But in terms of spend on PPC it was costing £20 to acquire a customer in Japan – that’s using landing pages and AMZ Coupon server solution. Most things don’t work in Japan you can’t use on-page stuff
  • Using a landing page we roll across all marketplaces and getting 13p / click and acquisition cost of 73p
  • I could spend a fortune on PPC or I can run the offers
  • Traffic ads to landing page to give discount codes
  • Use for the storefront URL and rotates the 3 x URLs to mix up the traffic to the Amazon page.
  • This is effective for Danny but Liran’s offers with FB are easier? There is an error that you need to get around for some people though – if you can get around it then you’re golden
  • The FB offers should be cheaper to run than sending traffic to a landing page. With FB offers it keeps the person on FB and getting an offer on FB (no direct link that send them somewhere) which FB likes, they also get a notification before the offer expires and they get an email from FB with the external link

How do you set these Facebook Offer ads up and how quick is it?

  • You can create one page for all your product offers (Best Amazon Deals Page) that provides the offers outside the brand name
  • Create a facebook page – grab an image on-line and post it up there
  • Go to FB ads manager and setup an ad with the goal of ‘Traffic’
  • Button for Facebook Offers – Toggle it ON for options below
  • The new display box asks how much discount, title, select both on-line and in-store – download the CSV template
  • Fill it in and upload your single-use promo-codes instore and on-line
  • IMPORTANT: Max Order Quantity is set tot ONE – protect your inventory from being cleaned out

Ad Copy hints on How to use Facebook Offer Ads to rank Amazon FBA products

  • Want to know how to use Facebook Offer ads and optimise your ad copy?
  • Use an ‘implied YES’ question in your ad copy
  • Example – “Would you want to get these Apple Earpods at 70% or more on”
  • Tactics: Use to build in a trust factor because everyone trusts Amazon with their card details
  • Tactics: Implied Yes to get them to read more – not trying to sell with this just get them to read more and click through
  • Influence/scarcity tactics: People always need a reason – “As part of our October deal we have a limited amount of Apple Earpods at 70% off for only $9.99, limited quantities one per customer, tag a friend who needs one”
  • You should get organic traffic as a bonus from the ‘tagging friends’ comment
  • Include a picture of the product – use an Animoto (see Promo-Animoto to create a slideshare with music) to create a video and this will reduce the cost of the ad as Facebook likes video in ads
  • Set an expiration to two days out at midnight
  • Set an amount of offers that you want to give away
  • If it runs well – just duplicate the ads set and go in and edit, upload a new CSV with coupon codes and set the expiration date  two days out
  • Don’t set the expiration date too far out because you want to drive action and take-up of your codes

How do you calculate the giveaways for your Facebook Offer Ads promotion?

  • How many to give away per-day? Do you pause the campaign daily?
    • Not all people who take the offer and grab the coupon code go and buy it on Amazon – assume 60% will and therefore give out more coupon codes than you expect people to take up.
    • Facebook stops the ad once all your CSV coupon codes are taken – saves you money
  • Give away more coupons than I need for a couple of days – then I’ll duplicate it and start again
  • I look at my target keyword on Amazon (I use viral launch market intelligence tool but Jungle Scout works too) and see the amount of sales the 1st page of sellers are generating on a monthly basis – say 700 sales a month


  • How to use Facebook Offer ads and optimise the keywords in your offer?
  • Assume not every sale they are getting is generated ALL through that keyword
  • Maybe 60-70% of their sales are coming from that keyword
  • Take 700 sales per month sales and take 60% giving 420 sales per month coming through that keyword
  • Take the 420 and divide by 4 weeks – about 100 sales per week generated
  • I need to give away 100 pages per week (not a month as that’s too long for Amazon’s sweet-spot for ranking)  to Rank for this keyword based on those sales numbers
  • Using 7-day trailing in terms of conversion rate
  • Look to give out those coupon-codes over a 7 day period – give out a higher rate initially to see how people take-up the coupons
  • Within 3-4 days you start to see some Amazon ranking movement

How to use Facebook Offer Ads to maintain position on page One?

  • Easy to rank for a keyword on 1st page but not so easy to stay there – if you don’t have as many reviews on 1st page then once your promotion is over you’re likely to drop off against competitors with a lot more reviews on the page
  • Target you keyword that you go for around a product niche that your product can compete well with
  • If you have a poor product then no amount of offers, reviews or listing optimization will keep you on that 1st page
  • How many reviews do you need? – Following an internal review by ex-Amazoner Brad Moss, you need 21 reviews at 4.5 or above to be competitive, after that you see diminishing returns (see Brad’s episode here)
  • Ranking can be quite simple when you put into action – but without a good product as a strong foundation (optimise images, listing) before the launch you won’t stay there .


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