How to Use Free Plus Shipping For Amazon FBA Sellers (Part 2) with Paul Harvey – Session 016

Paul is back with a second installment of Free Plus Shipping strategies for making the most of this innovative selling strategy.

Since the last episode Paul has had many requests for examples of free + shipping products

So here is one – A pillow with glitter that wipes off to show some wording underneath.

Free plus Shipping failures to lookout for

  • The Free plus Shipping customer mindset is very different to Amazon customers
  • They don’t go to Facebook to ‘buy’ that’s why the low-cost product works as an impulse buy
  • Whereas people on Amazon, they will pay what they want for the stuff they want on Amazon
  • And they have a ‘ready to buy’ mindset, they go to Amazon with their credit card out
  • Some of these people do not have Amazon accounts! One customer even asked Paul to reset their Amazon password so he could use it


  • Instagram affects free plus shipping – a friend of Paul’s has 5.2m people on Instagram and made 15k in 4 days by sending out a link to his Instagram followers
  • He had 20 copycats straight away – short term burst off of this
  • Influencer traffic is good for short-bursts,
  • If Paul sees that his ‘upsells’ are doing well, Paul will create a new funnell around that offer

Lifecycle of the Free plus Shipping products

  • Facebook ad costs will kill you
  • Made 1.3m in 6m – his ad spend on FB was higher in the later months because so many copycats came in later
  • You have about 1-2 months before ou need to move on and evolve as the copycats are in there
  • It’s a lower barrier to entry and it’s literally marketing

Is there any protection from copycats?

  • No, copycats will come in so short lived
  • A person Paul knew had a shopify store and doing everything through facebook ads
  • He had his FB account sutdown!
  • In his backup he had power-editor and he kept his Pixel so he could re-launch and replicate to go again

After sales follow up

  • Problem is people don’t read the followup
  • Don’t read that it takes 20-40 days shipping but this varies and can be 5 days
  • Sometimes as this is a low price <$10 some buyers just don’t bother with it
  • You could just use a smart email sequence to remind the buyer that it could take 5-40 days and keep an eye out
  • If the customer really loves the product you tell them they can see more of your products on Shopify or Amazon
  • If you send the shopify store you can keep grooming your pixel (Amaon not so much)
  • You don’t want people complaining to the Strype payment provider as they WILL block you account
  • You should setup multiple Strype accounts to hedge against this issue

Research new prods on Amazon with Free plus Shipping

  • It’s lead gen and helps generate customers
  • Think teething necklaces for Amazon – $1-2 from Ali-express
  • I setup a sequence to get them to take a survey on:
    • Please let me know what you think
    • What new products would help you with you baby
  • Do this for market and product research
  • If you groom the audience right you can use that audience to launch your products in teh niche

Other Selling Hacks

  • If you understand how the funnel works you can do a lot with Amazon
  • If you crack the funnel you can send high converting traffic to Amazon
  • Paul has done this and had really good results
  • Product went through the storefront URL with the product name
  • In the funnel have screenshots – assume the customer is an idiot and doesn’t know what they need to do
  • Might be discounted sales but it still works
  • Create a funnel saying if you buy this product A you will get a free bottle of product B
  • In the funnel, I’m just giving them a coupon code to make mine free and Product B is full
  • If you do this a lot you will end up as a ‘frequently bought together’ in their listing


Find a product that is a best compliment to yours for this ‘frequently bought together’ hack:

  1. Check that it is in Page 1 top 3 position
  2. Create a Coupon code making yours free,
  3. Create the funnel – really spells out ‘Buy This’ get this FREE and hammer it across with screenshots
  4. Need the link – it is key (checkout YouTube comments)
  5. Run the Facebook ad – BUY THIS, GET THIS FREE

This is completely allowed under Amazon Sales and it’s promoting their product so all good.

Contact Paul website

Facebook group Builder All for Amazon Sellers – create a funnel




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