Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong

Paul Harvey is with us with Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong sharing his marketing strategy using messenger chatbots and Instagram stories to promote his Amazon products

  • Whole new Amazon account for two new kids products
  • Didn’t want to do big giveaways so looked to launch with only 40% off
  • Aimed to generate mass traffic to the Messenger chat bot
  • The chatbot would then grade the traffic and send coupons
  • With 80% open rate on messenger chatbots you get good sales

The Strategy

  • Strategy took 2 months to build – should have been 2-3 days
  • Spent 3-4 weeks researching Influencers, their followers, etc
  • Got 30 really good influencers with 10k to 100k followers

Finding Influencers

  • Found that using software was not as good as manual searching
  • Looked for hashtags they wanted and tracked the influencers around those
  • Researched their followers and content
  • Mass emailed them or DMd them on Instagram
  • Got about 50% replies which were good
  • Didn’t want to pay for it
  • Maybe 2-3 out of 30 will be rock stars
  • Gave them a free product but no pay


  • Send every influencer one unit of each products before the stock landed at Amazon
  • Gave them time to get their content ready
  • Got the listing live and ready to launch on Tuesday
  • Instagram Influencer would create a story or add with the deal and a discount with a link
  • Link to an AMZ promoter page
  • The page then clicked through to the Messenger chatbot
  • They are then talking to the bot
  • A really cheap and effective way to get people into the bot

Grading Traffic using the Chatbot

  • People hit the bot and if they are not time wasters they go to the end and are the ones you want to reach out to
  • If they are time wasters, they have a couple of conversations with the bot and are then forgotten

Launch Day

  • Staring at the computer on Launch Day Tuesday
  • The Influencers are primed to do the launch with their unboxing videos and pictures content
  • A lot of them were stories – you need about 10k followers to run a story
  • The story links to the product
  • They primed their audience a few days earlier really well
  • Every influencer had their own unique links to track it
  • Watching the traffic numbers and clicks
  • After 2 months they only made 1 sale


  • The volume coming from the influencers with average follower counts of 15k
  • Expected a lot of traffic to come through
  • The clicks were in the tens not hundreds
  • Then nothing
  • Only got 4 people go into the bot
  • Not got enough data to even analyse what happened

The Message

  • What was the message from the unboxing?
  • The Influencers told their audience it was 40% off
  • Some said 80% to mix it up
  • Didn’t get enough data to suss it out

What went wrong?

  • The Influencers are in engagement pods where they group up with their friends and like and click on each others posts
  • Their numbers looked great with high follower counts and clicks
  • BUT…the clicks were not ‘high converting’ clicks
  • So the strategy failed at the first step because the Influencer traffic was not high-converting and didn’t really enter the funnel in any numbers


  • Can’t sleep at night as this strategy didn’t work – it just has to work as Paul is stubborn
  • The fault was that the wrong influencers were selected
  • The next round is for the Influencers to create content and videos and it’s really good from Instagram
  • This content is then on the website and social
  • Lost 15 product units and gained a ton fo content
  • So strategy is now to go for a single really good Influencer and test out their traffic first before entering into paid collaborations for them to become Paul’s Instagram marketer
  • Should have failed faster – took too long putting it all together
  • Could have saved 6 to 8 weeks of time
  • Test it with a few before scaling it out
  • Instagram takes time to grow the audience and it’s a one-shot promotion


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