Inside Amazon with Liran – Session 026

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Liran has been inside Amazon HQ and has some great updates for us on what’s coming down the pipe for Sellers. A seller since 2014, Liran shares his experience on Amazon to help your amazon fba products sell.

Things that are coming from Amazon:

The Lighting Deal

  • Available to vendors, coming to 3rd party sellers
  • Frustration is that you pay to run the lightning deal $150 and you don’t get much visibility
  • Ability to pay to be featured on one of the 1st three pages of the deals page
  • The opportunity to run a sponsored ad and you pay per click – as in a sponsored products bidding model
  • Another opportunity to market your product
  • Will there be a top of the page or right rail slot – Liran doesn’t think so, it’ll be more likely mixed in with the results on the 1st page
  • Imagine it’ll be cheaper than running regular sponsored ads
  • We’ll see how it plays out
  • Get the most out of your lightning deal – get initial sales and more reviews

External Traffic

  • A key frustration Liran shared with them while inside Amazon is that they have lots of data but share very little with sellers
  • Sellers would love to be able to track external traffic
  • The pixel on your Shopify store lets you track people
  • Amazon have said they are looking at this tracking for 2018…slow going but they are working on it
  • Something might roll out in 2018 that lets you track that traffic
  • Would probably make sense to do it from the Storefront and be able to place a pixel on there – would make sense for brand registered sellers

Amazon Giveaway Pilot Programme

  • You are purchasing the product and then doing a giveaway for people on social media to tweet, follow or take an action for you to participate in the giveaway to win a prize and you can offer discounts afterwards to them
  • Did about 40 giveaway launches for people in the pilot programme
  • Sellers spent $6,000 on their own products, but generated $30,000 in Sales from people that didn’t win but took advantage of the promos as coupon codes connected to the Amazon Giveaway
  • They are porting this to mobile too
  • Rolling out to all FBA Sellers soon

Vine Pilot Program

  • Typically only available to Brands at cost $2,500 per ASIN
  • Liran now pays $1,000 for the pilot program
  • Send in 30 units of a product to Amazon
  • And then Amazon distributes them to Vine customers
  • Liran just got his 1st review – 5 stars
  • Opportunity to get 30 reviews for $1,000
  • Amazon recognises it’s hard to get reviews
  • Getting 30 reviews early for a product launch can help a lot
  • If you have a good quality product you’ll want to take advantage of this Vine program
  • How long will it take to get the 30 reviews in from Vine customers? And why is it 30 reviews?
  • Why do an early review programme and set the target at 30 reviews?
  • Liran waiting to see if he’ll get 30 reviews in total – Vine customers must be able to go into some platform and choose the products they want and then give a review
  • This is a genius move from Amazon – they incentivise us as Sellers to buy 30 reviews to sell on their platform to sell to their customers and make them money – genius!
  • The review does say ‘vine customer free product’ next to the review

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