IP Claims and Dropshippers getting Axed on Amazon

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Chris McCabe will talk about dropshippers getting axed from Amazon and how the brands are using AMazon’s own enforcement to tackle dropshippers on their listings with inauthentic claims and more

  • A lot of brands figured out people were dropshipping their products
  • May suspect you don’t have invoices or paperwork for your listing until you sell something
  • So complaints about inauthentic items help product quality teams to enforce if you can’t provide documentation for your listing
  • People are getting suspended for inauthentic without a ‘buyer complaint’ now which is not how it’s traditionally worked
  • This started in the Summer where they suspend and say they are happy to re-instate if you provide invoices or paperwork to support your listing as a dropshipper
  • If you can’t prove authenticity then they just don’t want you to sell on Amazon
  • Dropshipping is not a viable business model on Amazon any more it seems
  • Or change the nature of your reselling to point to use of Wholesalers for your inventory

Amazon Dropshippers

  • People dropship on Amazon list on your listing at a higher price
  • They use your stock as a Seller and blag the buyer into waiting until they can get your stock over to them in a few weeks
  • You can use software for this
  • You also get session data as well from this practice to see if this products is worth selling yourself
  • Another way to grab Amazon data

Amazon getting Brand Friendlier

  • Brands are aware of this business model and to Amazon’s enforcement techniques
  • The brands see dropshippers as bottom-feeders by leveraging your brand and product to make a profit
  • In general Amazon is getting brand friendlier and reseller antagonistic
  • If you’re not adapting your products and selling someone else’s products on
  • You must have some idea of what’s going on and keep on top of your business model
  • Brands are realising they can use these Amazon tools to attack resellers
  • Find a practical pivot away from this model of dropshipping

IP Claims

  • Similar kind of thing
  • Amazon sets up a process
  • Amazon don’t arbitrate on these cases
  • The Seller can submit the IP claim and Amazon acts
  • If you can dispute the claim then you might not need a retraction from the brand
  • But if it’s a valid infringement and you can’t get a retraction then it’s a nasty worry with Q4 coming up

Amazon selling a fake version of your Product

  • Amazon selling your product but it’s a knock-off of your product being sold by Amazon
  • He can serve a claim against Amazon for selling a fake product
  • Amazon usually take these things down pretty quick

Q4 Don’t Take Risks

  • In Q4 you will not resolve anything quickly and still seeing obvious errors and mistakes from Sellers
  • Sellers using generic POA templates that are just thrown out by Amazon
  • People are not answering notifications and are edging closer and closer to manual reviews – risk of suspension
  • Take action and deal with these things, not the time of year to screw around
  • Beware of suspension consultants without the skills and background – ask them some questions about what they’ve done



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