Irreversible Suspension Escalations Leading to Q4

Suspension escalations with Chris McCabe.

  • People are getting “final worded” a lot earlier in the process of suspension escalations
  • They are sending it earlier in the process and meaning more than they have
  • Amazon are speeding this up and giving you a lot less lives
  • Cutting the conversations off earlier to reduce the backlog heading up to Q4

What’s Changed?

  • Could be that your Plan Of Action (POA) is okay
  • But it’s the document trail that isn’t upto scratch
  • They are not being clear on whether it’s the documentation or the POA that’s not passed

Keep it Tight

  • Don’t get redundant – keep your docs to tight and specific information
  • Buzzwords will not work – be clear
  • They won’t read it if it’s too long and they will cut you off early
  • A one-pager is ideal and tight and concise
  • The type of suspension may mean it’s a bit longer – but use your judgement and keep it focussed
  • The POA and the ‘root causes’ section itself must be short

Amazon don’t explain well

  • Amazon are afraid they are going to do your homework for you
  • They want you to understand that you know what’s gone wrong
  • Why would they re-in state your ASIN if you’re not getting it
  • Chris trying to get Amazon to put some better guidance in the responses to explain what in the POA needs fixing

Q4 Escalations

  • Don’t wing it here in Q4 with suspension escalations
  • If Amazon have pushed back a few times, have a plan of action that it very clear and fit for purpose
  • An escalation is for when you get no response or a ‘we need more information’
  • This is where most people hit the Jeff-bomb
  • But be sure that your escalation is clear and your POA is in great shape before going there
  • In Q4 it’s this period that the Amazon escalation queues really stack up

Biggest Traps

  • Inauthentic complaints will be a high queue – fake and counterfeit issues
  • Ensure you buy from a supplier with a website and suitable documentation, invoices, etc
  • Amazon are not suffering fools now, especially if you don’t have suitable documentation that’s not over a year old
  • Chances of re-instatement are pretty good if you deal with it effectively
  • In minimum of cases Amazon put DR on your account for ‘do not respond’
  • Most often people see a ‘general denial’ from the Jeff-bombs because you had a poor POA that didn’t hit the mark
  • Too many people hit the Jeff-bomb now and so it’s become less effective

Chris recommends

  • Everyone knows the Jeff queue
  • Ask for a Manager Level escalation in the team that suspended you
  • Do it in a nuanced way with a revised plan of action

Steps to Remove the problem

  • Ensure POA is very detailed, nice and short, non-repetitive, keep emotion out of it
  • Talk about the causes and your responses showing what you’re going to do
  • Good faith if you remove the products for inspection – removal orders are good
  • People don’t delete the listings – they leave them in Seller Central
  • If you’ve said you’re not selling an item again but leave the listing in there without deleting it goes against you

Chris Focuses his Responses

  • Root Causes
  • Plan of Action
  • Just these two sections ensure no repetition
  • Not like a number of templates on-line that advocate three sections – duplication across sections turns Seller Support off


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