Is Vendor Central Worth The Effort?

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Darren Saul is back with Vendor Central versus Seller Central and a lot of people moving from Vendor Central

  • The Vendor Central account managers were incredibly rare not much in the way of support provided
  • Even when you’re working with a Vendor Manager today they are hard to get hold of
  • Vendo helping brands migrate their vendor central to seller central
  • About 60% of the sellers were on Vendor Central about 18 months ago
  • Shifted to 60%+ are in the 3rd Party Marketplace showing how brands are selling on Amazon
  • Brands are finding that the best way to control their brands on Amazon is in the marketplace

Control Factors

  • Amazon markets the Vendor Central on its marketing tools
  • Today Seller Central now shares a lot of the same tools and Brand Registry 2.0 has helped this shift
  • Aplus content – EPC pages
  • Video was a good attribute
  • Protected as under like a brand registry
  • Headline ads
  • Product Display ads
  • Apart from the badge saying ‘sold by Amazon’ what else is there?
  • Sale return policy under Prime now
  • A lot of automation in Vendor Central that Seller Central does not offer

Vendor Agreement

  • You can negotiate your vendor agreement with Amazon
  • Shipping is included as an allowance – so you’re paying for it but you’re not
  • It’s hidden on the inside
  • Terms can be 30, 60 and 90 days (they take a 2% discount if they pay you in 30 days)
  • Accounting with Amazon over some of the deductions they make on your account – not great data and hard to get your money back
  • Seen a lot of successful sellers on Vendor Central and are doing millions – mostly legacy accounts with other channels too
  • Brands on TV, in Walmart, etc. and they have real relationships with Vendor Managers\
  • A good platform for big TV brands
  • Negotiate your Vendor Central account
  • Leverage your Seller Data to reduce your co-op fees, return allowances, etc
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your Vendor Manager to negotiate

Having Both Accounts?

  • Authorship control of your listing Vendor Central account always wins
  • Worth having Vendor and Seller for this benefit
  • Reviews don’t change much between them – the Vine programme and the Early Review programme
  • The Early Review programme in Seller Central is cheaper than the Vendor Vine programme


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