Keywords, Variations, Relevance and Scale

Brandon Young gives us a deep dive into Keyword Relevance and how he selects his keywords and products, dominating the keywords even if there are 70 good relevant keywords with exact match and more than 500 a month searches

  • Private Label Seller for 4 years on Amazon
  • Got 7 Brands, 3 Different Amazon accounts
  • $6 Million last year and on for $12m this year
  • Launching 50 products
  • Have Hundreds of variations
  • 2 different toy brands with 30 products

Keyword Research methods

  • 100k SKUs from 12k factories
  • How do you research properly across these
  • Product Selection is the most important part of success
  • Give product a rating for opportunity and risk

Walk through

  • Look at competitors to see what keywords they are getting sales through
  • Reverse ASIN for each of ten competitors
  • Check to see the keywords they are indexed for
  • But it’s the keywords they are getting their sales through
  • Looking at just one seller only gives a small snapshot
  • There might be 40-50 good keywords to sell a product on but one might only use 10
  • With the list of keywords that top 10 sellers are getting sales from
  • With this master keyword list
  • Narrow down to 500 exact searches and up
  • If less than 10 keywords with only 500 searches and up that are relevant
  • then too risky and low opportunity product
  • Anyone can do PPC and get lucky and target those same keywords
  • Very difficult to win and maintain your rank with other sellers doing launches
  • Short life-cycle and little opportunity to be avoided as a product

Relevant Keyword Assessment

  • If a product has between 20-40 exact relevant keywords with at least 500 exact searches
  • This is a medium opportunity product
  • We might look at this but if only the sellers are n’t very good
  • Look at 30 keywords If only 1 or 2 of those keywords are on more than 50% (first page of those 30 keywords)
  • A medium to low risk product that would be worth going for

Established Products

  • Check the grandfathered in products?
  • We do look at how long something has been in the market and how established it is
  • If you have a better offering and can convert better than you can de-throne most anyone on Amazon
  • Offering better value, better looking listing that converts better will often be enough to disrupt a market
  • Treat the product portfolio like an investment portfolio – fair number of low risk, fair medium risk and very few high risk products
  • Mostly going for low-hanging fruit

12k per month

  • Leader Product doing 12k a month in the season
  • 2nd was doing 3k a month
  • Had 75 relevant keywords and the leader was front page for 70 of the good keywords above 500 exact match keywords and a top 5 position on most of them
  • This guy really knew how to use Amazon and target keywords and mine those keywords to figure out how to get on them
  • The rest did not – a trap many fall into
  • You need to know how to target keywords and how competitors are getting sales to assess whether to do the product and how many to order

How to Determine Relevance

  • You need search volume and price and product
  • So many times people got for neighbouring volume only
  • Take your top 10 or 20 sellers and created that master keyword list
  • COunt all the competitors that are on the first page for the specific keyword
  • If it’s 10 out of 10 then that’s probably your most relevant keyword possible
  • Sort this and then in the zeros and not on the 1st page this is probably not a relevant keyword
  • The ones tend to have a neighbouring keyword and weren’t very good
  • Working through the 9s, 8s, 7s then you really get a good understanding of the keywords
  • FOr th 5 and 4s then you need to go search and see how much design parity is there
  • Are people buying things that are similar but bigger, or smaller or slightly related
  • If your competitors are not in the top 10 of that page or at the bottom of the first page
  • And everyone above them is selling a slightly different product
  • If they are not converting then you probably don’t want that keyword if you can’t convert as well as the other sellers


  • How do you manage your variations
  • Launching the most popular usually
  • Have non-toy products and clothing
  • We launch the most popular sizes or colours to being with based on what competitors are selling
  • This is the focus to get the rank up very quickly
  • If you give people lots of sizes and colours then you don’t want too many options at the start as you’re building rank
  • Then add the other variations later for colour, size, etc
  • Get the visibility first with popular variations only and climb rank and add more variations later
  • Search terms negate each other for sizes often times

Search Terms are not Appearing

  • You’re not appearing in search
  • No-one will pay as much attention to your product as you
  • Keyword strategy is ‘wide’ if there are 70 good keywords then want to be on all of them for relevance
  • Other Sellers are on 10 of them with less relevance flagged to Amazon because of it
  • We beat others because we’re good on Amazon
  • Good because we target those keywords and rank for them
  • When we don’t see impressions on PPC there are 2 reasons:
    • Bid is too low
    • Indexing isn’t right
  • Amazon does not think it’s a relevant term for you
  • Often we will repeat those keywords in exact same form in the backend
  • We will re-write our bullets 2 or 3 months into launch because we’re not seeing impressions on the keywords we really want
  • A lot are afraid to do this and kill the indexing
  • But we do it as a surgical strike
  • Then we might generate some sales to it and 2-step URL and rebate key or launch list and crank PPC much higher
  • We will let Amazon know we want this keyword


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