Leveraging Instagram without Creating Your Own Content

Anthony Lee joins us to talk leveraging Instagram and brands

  • The money is in the audience is what they say
  • The doesn’t mean just build an email list
  •  Majority of people right now are not in email
  • What do you buy through emails?
  • If you’re building an audience then lots are talking about chat bots, etc
  • Gary Vaynerchuck has been talking for 4-5 years about Instagram
  • Everybody is going there
  • If you sell a product then unless you’re selling arthritis cream then everybody is on Instagram right now

Foregone Conclusion

  • Your audience is already on Instagram
  • Take advantage of where your audience is and market there


  • Anthony cobbled together a bunch of things that ‘work’
  • Will be lots of info coming about power of influencer marketing, making viral videos and going super big in leveraging instagram
  • This is if you run a brand and want a place where there’s a growing audience and you can turn a promotion for 15% off and get 12-20 sales quickly -0 this is how you do it
  • Won’t make you rich but will help your cause
  • A few thousand people who are engaged and like your product

First Steps

  • If you are already heavily using Instagram…
  • Just go ahead and be the ‘face’ of Instagram
  • If Instagram is a foreign abject for you follow Anthony
  • Setup a business page for your brand
  • The page is called the brand name
  • You don’t want to trick people to think you’re not a business entity
  • Anthony made clear what the page would post and it posts ‘stuff’ and some of Anthony’s life but also deals
  • Whole idea is that this page is going to represent your brand
  • Go find some people to follow


  • This is the biggest challenge
  • Where do you get it
  • You’re a guy and you don’t wear makeup but that’s what you’re selling…..how are you going to post on makeup when you don’t wear it and you’re not the target demographic!
  • You can leverage other people’s content
  • First Place to start is go to YouTube and search for relevant hashtags
  • Contextual Targeting looking for categories – i.e. garlic press selling then looking for ‘cooking’ in the search bar
  • The top 9 results are always the most popular nad below that is hte most recent
  • Find a video that’s popular with quite a few likes and is looking relevant
  • Re-post it and attribute the original poster ‘ tag someone who does this’
  • And hey – that’s your content
  • Do that 3-6 times a day and you’ll find people commenting in your feed and start following you because…you have the same interests
  • You’re leveraging other people’s content to build your friends
  • You are a curator at this point and can start here

Finding Content

  • Where do you find it?
  • You go and post other people’s content and add attribution
  • You could get a VA to do this all day long
  • Just a super simple and quick way to generate content and get interest/engagement in your Instagram account with free tools

Structure your Posts

  • Jewellery high end at £10-20 each
  • Appeals to females
  • What would you do to attract for 40-50 SKUs and product images
  • Would you do mashups on these images and give special offers with text overlays
  • How do you put the content plan together?
  • This time on these days I’ll do re-posting
  • Had a calendar for when the ‘deals’ were going to be pushed with a promo-code or a promo ad on Facebook

18 Cents Strategy

  • Search for a hashtag and leave a comments on each of the 9 top posts
  • Leave a comment and that’s 2 cents per post
  • If the top influencer in that post doesn’t respond then their follower might
  • Talking about 15 mins a day to do this

The Paid Tools

  • Against Instagram terms to use bots
  • Use a program to download for a one-time cost and it automates some of the mundane process – liking, following, unfollowing
  • Keep it to only hours that you’re on the computer anyway
  • Looks organic and so like having a VA but for $50/year
  • Check it and take out anybody that doesn’t fit your list
  • Prune it occasionally
  • Whenever you do this to bring yourself off of Amazon
  • Shopify – ‘social share’ app can repost pictures
  • Made $10k in one day off of Facebook using nothing but user generated content on Instagram
  • Using a series of contests getting people to post photos of them using hashtags and get posted on our Instagram
  • People were encouraged to submit them and the app automatically re-posted it
  • Contest > Promo > Picture of someone using the product

Summary – 4 free routes to 6,000 Followers

  • Curate viral content
  • Comments on viral content
  • Automate Mundane processes
  • Use user generated content

The 6,000 Followers

  • Work it into batches for leveraging instagram the best
  • Get your VA to go and search for Hashtags from your planner
  • Seller Sessions is recorded in batches and having a team behind him
  • Couldn’t do it otherwise
  • Paid search is preferred over social – PPC is more forecastable and stable than social
  • Social is very difficult
  • What hours should you put into this
  • Don’t take a whole lot of time – spend 20-30 mins 5 days a week while you’re there in front of it

Tipping point

  • Took 4-5 months to get the first couple of thousand 1,500 from leveraging instagram and then it picks up
  • Might be algorithmic to get to the tipping point
  • And is 6 months down the line you may have 6,000 followers that might buy your deals when you push them out
  • This account could also be used for Influencer Marketing
  • You can use the account for many things
  • Basis for other things that could be way more powerful


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