Listings under Attack (Again)

Michael Hartman talks us through listings under attack

  • Michael is in cell phones and accessories with a couple of hundred listings
  • In May someone changed their category to Automotive
  • At the same time he also got hijackers on his best listings
  • Upgraded to brand registry 2.0 and got them thrown off
  • They came back so he threw them off again
  • They threatened to destroy Michael
  • So he threw them off again 🙂

Moved Listing to Restricted Categories

  • They then somehow split the listing into two separate nodes and two separate categories
  • And it was also into restricted categories that automatically stranded the inventory
  • To fix this listings under attack problem it goes to the compliance team and they don’t have an outward facing email!
  • And this was for several listings
  • Got the 1st one fixed but locked into a wrong category – now de-ranked but was 3,000 and 50 units per day
  • Got them all unblocked but it happened again!

Inside job on Listings under Attack?

  • Has to be an inside job on Michaels listings under attack as a captive team member would have to do this to get them moved
  • Assuming it’s a Chinese Seller behind this sabotage
  • It’s the same part numbers when we buy the hijackers products and it’s the same number every time
  • Changing the category
  • Restricting the Listing
  • Locks the Listing (can’t unstrand it) as in locked in a different category
  • Getting out but locked into the wrong category and lost all sales history
  • Used ASIN spy to pull all the keywords and there are none in the backed!!
  • As Michael’s locked he can’t change it back, so doing flat file uploads and tickets
  • Using the catalogue and captive teams to try and fix it
  • Through category team, to FBA team to Compliance team and then un-stranded
  • A crazy process – and are in two nodes and two categories

Faster Response

  • Go to and brand registry support
  • Lots of support issues there
  • Usually a 12hr turnaround time compared to 3-5 days with Seller Support

Cat and Mouse Game

  • Got listings unlocked and they got locked again
  • Going to get a VA trained on an SOP to just work on this unlocking
  • Contact with Amazon is a ‘stone-walling’ issue and Michael assumes this person is the one being paid off
  • Michael has emailed to Jeff and cc: to this person and magically it gets fixed quickly


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