Seller Sessions Live Is SOLD OUT

Here is what our speakers have to say


• Deep Learning lectures presented by 7 of the best Seller Sessions leading Amazon Industry Experts.

• Pure no-nonsense content, notes and actionable strategies you can implement straight away to increase revenue.

• Great opportunity to network with other experienced Amazon sellers, build connections and business relationships.


David Game College, Keynote Theatre, London.

The College is housed in newly renovated premises of nearly 60,000 sq feet, near Tower Hill in the City of London.

As well as being surrounded by transport links, the College is located within walking distance from many of London’s most famous sightseeing attractions.


We are bringing a select group of Seller Sessions Amazon Experts to share their expertise through a series of SSL Deep Learning lectures.

The SSL Lecture theatre has only limited seats available for this rare opportunity that you want do not want to miss out on!

Listen, learn and network to grow your skills and Amazon business strategies.



“P4P these guys are some of our most respected educators…“

Danny McMillan

Danny is the host of Seller Sessions, the largest podcast for advanced Amazon sellers. A world renowned public speaker and veteran Amazon Seller, Danny is also the co-founder of DATAbrill. Working alongside respected algorithm expert Dr. Ellis Whitehead, DATAbrill manages PPC and advertising automation for 7 & 8 figure Amazon brands.

Ivelin Demirov

Highly respected amongst his industry peers and fellow Amazon sellers, Ivelin is part of the top 1%. First to market on many breakthrough trends, and one of the most technically gifted marketers in the world, Ivelin owns over 100 patents, runs the Facebook Orange Hat Marketing group, and is the founder of Amazon machine learning software, River Cleaner.

Anthony Lee

When you think of ranking you think of Anthony. COO of SixLeaf (formerly ZonBlast), the software company helped pioneer (ranking) blasts in the early days on Amazon. Anthony’s scientific analysis via his legendary blog posts are unparalleled and often copied without attribution. An industry favourite, he is also a published author of many books.

“…working with millions of data points on a daily basis.”

Liran Hirschkorn

Liran is known as one of the best all-round marketers in the Amazon FBA space. He is a regular at Seattle HQ, providing constructive feedback on new initiatives and services. As well versed in Sponsored Ads as he is with funnels and landing pages, Liran runs two multi-million dollar brands and co-owns The Amazon Seller Podcast and Amazing Freedom Facebook Community.

Paul Harvey

Paul is the co-founder of Seller Chatbot and was an early adopter of leveraging Facebook Messenger Bots for product launches and ranking Amazon products. This led him to develop his own marketing software, to break free from the current limitations on offer in pursuit of advancing the sophistication of this exciting and powerful marketing niche.

Casey Gauss

Casey is the founder and CEO of Viral Launch. He founded the company in 2014 when he was 21. He has gone on to leverage his passion for tech and helping others through the expansion of the company to over 60 employees. He continues—nose to the grind—in his obsession with Amazon market philosophy, helping a growing number of Amazon businesses achieve success in the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace.

“The Industry go-to experts on Amazon and Optimisation.”

Athena Severi (Co Host)

Athena is the first lady of Amazon FBA. World renowned public speaker and host of an array of Amazon events, Athena is also the brains behind the China Magic Brand. This game-changing, 12-day sourcing, manufacturing, and mastermind trip is to (you got it!) China. It is led by world-leading sourcing experts and internationally renowned Amazon mentors that have sold and managed over $75MM in combined annual Amazon sales.

On the day Athena will be announcing all the speakers and handling the Q&A sessions post presentations. She will also work with all the attendees to ensure they are having fun and getting comprehension from all of the content.

What makes Seller Sessions Live Different?

Danny has been lucky enough to fly all over the world speaking at various Amazon events, and has seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

The most common thing you hear from sellers is that they wish they had more value driven content and less of the ‘fluffy stuff’.

If you have listened to the Seller Sessions Podcast you will know that Danny likes to get straight to the point. This is because time is a precious commodity you cannot get back. If you are a serious business and brand owner then you will appreciate exactly what this means.

Cult Free Zone

Seller Sessions Live is not about:

• Four Hour Work Weeks
• Short Term Hacks
• Laptop on the Beach

There are plenty of mindset events out there: those using NLP manipulation techniques that claim to take you to the top with ‘3 simple hacks’ whilst you sit back, relax and drink Martini on the beach.

Whilst these may work on some people, they are not the type of strategies that work on smart savvy sellers and successful Amazon brands.

Optimised Learning Environment

The David Game Keynote Theatre, with tiered seating, is the perfect setting for delivering world class content from the leading Amazon trendsetters in the industry.

Rather than uncomfortably resting laptops and notebooks on your legs, you will have an optimised workspace directly in front of you, so you can sit back, relax and comfortably make notes from each keynote presentation.

Tell Me About The Content?

Every Amazon seller knows that Amazon terrain is ever moving. Changes are often swift and what worked today might not tomorrow.

To ensure you receive the latest and most relevant content, we have given our keynote speakers the flexibility to adapt their presentations right up to the day of the event.

Seller Sessions Live is a content-driven value packed day full of effective marketing strategies for selling both on and off Amazon. Presentation titles and topic descriptions will be announced nearer to the event date.

Will You Just Cover Marketing?

As Seller Sessions Live is a one day event we will not be covering topics such as product sourcing, logistics and other non-marketing related subjects.

The two biggest challenges for most Amazon brands and sellers is search visibility and staying ahead of the competition. This is where our keynote educators are able to share the best and most advanced knowledge to help you execute successful marketing campaigns.

Seller Sessions Live Is SOLD OUT

Seller Sessions Live Content and Curriculum

When you think of Seller Sessions Live, we want you to think of it as more than just an event, it is a fun and interactive learning experience, putting you at the centre of it. You will walk away with a toolbox full of new ideas and tricks suited to all types of learners, as our presentations are part keynote and part workshop.

All of this will be taking place at The David Game Keynote Theatre, this is no ordinary venue, with tiered seating, forget having no space to move and awkwardly having to rest your laptops on your knees whilst taking notes. We have ensured that you will have a workspace that optimises your learning.

The Full Agenda

09:00 – (Registration and coffee) Network and meet like-minded professional delegates over a pastry, or 2! The coffee’s not bad either!
09:45 – (Opening assembly) A few words about today’s event, what to expect for the day and how to get the most out of the sessions
10:00- (Paul Harvey) “The Chatbot Advantage”- Paul is a leading eCommerce seller and co-founder of Seller Chatbot.
10:45- (Danny McMillan) “Amazon PPC: The Science Lab of your Amazon Business- Danny will be sharing his expert experience.”
11:30- (Mid Morning Break) Food and refreshments -Another chance to network and speak to our speakers of the day.
12:00- (Liran Hirschkorn) “Grow your sales, improve your margins with 8 Quick Wins Any Seller Can Immediately Implement”
12:45- (Anthony Lee) “Psychological Marketing: Triggers & Flows That Get You New Customers (And Raving Fans)”
13:30- (Lunch) – Buffet Lunch with a selection of deserts, teas and coffees.We know the importance of building your network.
14:15- (Casey Gauss) “How to Drive Sales & Keyword Ranking” Casey has made $7 billion for his clients via his company Viral Launch
15:30 -(Ivelin Demirov) “How to Triple Visibility, Get Free External Traffic and Optimise Based on Behaviours on Your Product Page”
16:15- (Short Break) A quick brain refuel ready for the last chapter. Last chance to network, remember to swap details.
16:30- (Panel)The A9 Algorithm “Predicting the future” Dr. Ellis Whitehead, Ivelin Demirov, Casey Gauss…more guests TBA

Danny McMillan

“Amazon PPC – The Science Lab of Your Amazon Business”

You will learn how to:

-Optimise (and profit) for the best Ad Position that you can implement without third party tools.
-Use Amazon’s PPC algorithm flaws to your advantage with Stopping and Stemming.
-Reduce the complexity of larger SKU sets with negating – using Product Groups, Properties and Expansions
-Funnel impressions to the most relevant SKU’s
-Reduce Match Types for easier data management (cut campaign sizes by 50% or more)
-Save money on Aggressive Auto Campaigns (and maximise Time Windows)
-Reduce cannibalisation across SKU sets on the same search terms (more sales)
-Using a different calculation (other than ACoS) on super competitive niches

He will be showing a Case Study on a 7 figure brand in a super competitive niche. How we doubled sales whilst maintaining ACoS in a cut throat marketplace.

Ivelin Demirov

“How to Triple Visibility, Get Free External Traffic and Optimise Based on Behaviours on Your Product Page”

We are not revealing too much of Ivelin’s presentation. The title should be enough to give you a picture of what to expect on the day. Let’s just say this is going to be very special indeed.

Casey Gauss

“How to Drive Sales & Keyword Ranking”

You will learn how to:

-How to Use Keyword Ranking to Bolster Organic Sales
-Amazon’s New Cheapest Source of Traffic
-Best Way To Drive Sales for a Brand New Product
-How to get your first few reviews (within Amazon’s TOS)
-How to achieve Sponsored Ad Rank position #1
-Advanced Listing Optimization Techniques for SEO
-How to aggressively improve organic keyword ranking
-How to drive ranking for new products (no giveaways)

Anthony Lee

“Psychological Marketing: Triggers & Flows That Get You New Customers (And Raving Fans)”

You will learn how to:

-How to split test Facebook ads to get the perfect advertisement to drive traffic to your product listing.
-How the brain works and WHY people buy (as well as how to get them in a buying mood).
-Proven copywriting techniques that will help you (even if you’re a total novice) to turn your product into an irresistible offer.
-How to maximize average order value and earn more profit from each sale, even if you are running a deep discount “launch”.
-How to build an entire funnel inside of Manychat that get sales.
-How to get more verified Amazon reviews.
-How to get free traffic by turning your offer viral.
-How to turn on the engine that keeps people buying, reviewing, and sharing your brand and products.

Liran Hirshkorn

“Grow your sales, improve your margins with 8 Quick Wins Any Seller Can Immediately Implement”

You will learn how to:

-Improve ACOS on Product Targeting Ads
-Product Targeting Ads Low Acos Quick Wins
-Techniques for more targeted control with ppc
-The cheapest and best way to use influencers
-Cheap product videos that convert
-How to develop product design ideas
-Winning Sponsored Brand Copywriting Techniques
-Use Advanced PPC Optimization Tactics

Paul Harvey

“The Chatbot Advantage”

You will learn how to:

-Find the reason why PPC and chatbots go hand-in-hand by boosting your keyword ranking and relevance
-How to rank any product for any keyword on autopilot. Simply create the bot and let it do the rest.
-Learn the strategies that 7 figure sellers use, learn how to run launch without any giveaways or discounts (completely TOS compliant).
-How we use gamification to create endless viral loops to 10X your audience
-Product Research? Just use chatbots to talk to your audience and have them tell you what you want.
-Why chatbots will be the ‘bridge’ off Amazon and why Facebook is Amazon’s biggest competitor (use their rivalry to your advantage).
-Tap in your customer’s psyche…..How one little tweak allows you to earn additional income whilst understanding your customers’ buying habits

Panel – The A9 Algorithm “Predicting the future”

What most sellers need to know at this time is how to create a strategy and crack the Amazon A9 algorithm. Therefore we will be closing the show with an expert panel of guests to predict the future of the A9 algo, what changes to expect and where we will be in 2020 and beyond. How technical marketers and programmers are winning the race on Amazon and how you can get in there with them. This really will be a game changer for you so don’t miss out.

Panelists: Dr. Ellis Whitehead, Ivelin Demirov, Casey Gauss…more guests TBA

Panel hosted by Danny McMillan


Within The UK

Situated in the centre of London and the financial district. The Keynote Theatre at David Game College is easy to get to from all over the UK.

Trains and coaches to London run frequently and once there, the nearest underground station is Aldgate on the Central (yellow) line, with regular services throughout the day.

If you are flying then City Airport is also a viable option, within an hour from the venue with recommended hotels all close by.

Outside The UK

If you are travelling to London from overseas then you are in for a treat landing at London Heathrow, the UK’s main hub to the world.

The airport provides a wide range of facilities for business, children and disabled travellers, with over 80 airlines flying from Heathrow to 180 locations worldwide, carrying 72 million passengers each year.

Public transport to and from the airport is reliable and frequent. There are plenty of coaches, taxis and regular trains, including the fast Heathrow Express, which run throughout the day and evening.

Alternatively, there is a choice of airport car parking companies, car hire providers and airport hotels located nearby.


All hotels below are now sold out… Email for alternative options local to the venue.

Dorsett City London, Aldgate

Right next to Aldgate tube station, Dorsett City is a great choice for travellers seeking a 4-star hotel where British Charm meets Asian fusion.

Located in the heart of the City of London’s financial district, this 13-storey hotel with 24 hour gym, offers chic and contemporary surroundings so guests can relax and feel at home.

Situated at the gateway to East London, close to the vibrancy of Shoreditch and its array of galleries, boutiques and markets.

Address: 9 Aldgate High Street, London EC3N 1AH

Hotel Indigo, Tower Bridge

Hotel Indigo reflects the City’s old Roman history with its bespoke eclectic rooms, vibrant dining and luxury comforts at the heart of the financial district.

Abstract murals of Tower Bridge in the hotel lobby ensure the Capital is always in the picture at this boutique hotel in the City of London.

A 2-minute walk from Aldgate tube station, this contemporary hotel with offsite gym, pool and business centre, is just 12 minutes on foot from the Tower of London and 2.7 miles from Big Ben.

Address: 142 Minories, London EC3N 1LS

Motel One, Tower Hill

This affordable hotel is in the centre of the City, close to the Tower of London. Used for centuries as a jail for prisoners of the Crown, making it the setting for numerous dramas through the ages.

Just 500 metres from the hotel is Tower Hill Underground station, your access point to the whole City.

A great base from which to explore attractions like St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace on foot.

Only a 3-minute walk from Aldgate tube station, a short stroll from Tower Bridge and 2.4 miles from the London Eye.

Address: 24-26 Minories, London EC3N 1BQ


As a smart Amazon seller we know you like detail. That is why we put together a list of questions sellers have asked us, to help clarify any event queries you might have.

We cover location, tickets, attendees and what you can expect to take away from Seller Sessions Live to grow your business as an Amazon seller – all right here in our FAQ section.

Who This Event Is For?

Seller Sessions Live is for smart sellers who are looking to up their game through advanced marketing, conversion optimisation, PPC and algorithm strategies to grow their eCommerce and Amazon business(es).

If you are new to selling on Amazon, while the networking opportunity will be valuable and the content powerful, due to the advanced nature of the content shared, this may not be the event for you at this time.

Who will be attending?

The Seller Sessions audience is an international group of US, UK and European sellers.

Attendees will be mostly 7 figure sellers looking to leverage progressive marketing innovations, little known tactics and disruptive strategies powering the top Amazon sellers and agencies today.

The level of education and learning we deliver will not be found at any other training event.

What will I learn?

Progressive marketing innovations, real-world tactics and the disruptive strategies powering the top Amazon Sellers and agencies in 2019.

The advanced level of educational content delivered will not be found anywhere else.

Is it open for overseas participants?

Just like our Podcast, the Seller Sessions Live event is open to Amazon Sellers from all over the world. If you can get here then we will be happy to see you!

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately tickets are non-refundable, except in the exceptional event that the conference should be cancelled.

How do I get there (UK)?

Venue Address:

David Game College,
31 Jewry Street,
London, EC3N 2ET

How do I get there (Overseas)?

For flights into London Heathrow:
Take the London Underground (Piccadilly Line) from Hatton Cross station to Earls Court. Change on to the District Line to Tower Hill, then a 4 minute walk to Jewry Street, where you will find the entrance to David Game College.

Nearest airports to the venue:
• London City (5.1 miles)
• London Heathrow (17.3 miles)

Nearest Underground station:
• Aldgate

Seller Sessions Live Is SOLD OUT

Media Partners


GS1 powers the world’s barcodes and underpins the Commerce industry for marketplace retailers and brands. GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) are unique product identifiers (sometimes referred to as EANs or UPCs) that sit under the barcode on a product, or against online listings. GS1 are the only Amazon approved providers of GTINs for your barcodes.

Orange Klik

Augustas Kligys, AKA ‘The Summits Guy’, has consistently flown the flag for sellers in Europe, to a worldwide fanbase. Since launching the European Private Label Summit in 2016, he has gone on to host the popular Seller Optimisation Summit and AMZ Seller Summit, as well the first in-person 2019 European Seller Conference in the beautiful city of Prague.

Amazing Freedom

Founded by Liran Hirshkorn with Andy and Nathan Slamans, Amazing Freedom has a dedicated Facebook Community and popular podcast, The Amazon Seller. As a Company they offer a suite of services including Magic Images, Listing Optimisation, PPC Management, Reimbursement Tools and dedicated FBA courses taught directly by the guys.

Web Retailer

Web Retailer is the bible for marketplace sellers with over 18,000 members worldwide. Their in-depth articles cover topics including Amazon policies, product sourcing, account suspensions and international eCommerce. Members receive a weekly newsletter that covers the latest industry news, reviews, discussions and profiles of innovative software.


SixLeaf (formally ZonBlast) helped pioneer the blast, the most recognised technique for ranking products organically on all Amazon Marketplaces. Constantly pushing the envelope to stay ahead of the curve with the ever advancing changes of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm, they have evolved to offer a dedicated suite of tools that assists sellers Worldwide.

River Cleaner

Founded by Ivelin Demirov, one of the most respected talents in the industry, River Cleaner software integrates directly into Amazon Seller Central. The control centre for finding and conducting expansive keyword research, keyword tracking, indexing, mobile preview, ToS compliance checks, and a tonne of options for optimising your listing(s).

SimpleVAT provides international VAT services in all 28 EU countries as well as Canada. They offer a fully managed service to clients so that they can focus on their core business whilst staying compliant. SimplyVAT is about build long standing relationships with their clients and work alongside them to provide advice on the best growth strategy for their business.

Seller Sessions Live Is SOLD OUT

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