New Amazon Algorithm Changes Detected With Ivelin Demirov

Ivelin returns with Amazon Algorithm Changes.

  • Five years ago he built a system to detect changes in the code and make sense of it
  • Sometimes they are wrong but most of the time they give early sight to change
  • Testing is key to get ahead of what’s going on out there in Amazon Algorithm Changes
  • The landscape changes frequently
  • There are sometimes mistakes that open up loopholes which are exciting Amazon algorithm changes

Dot search hack has been removed

  • You go to a specific category
  • Type a ‘dot’ and it shows the first 5 keywords in that category
  • Not available – Amazon are closing lots of loopholes that have been leaked on-line

Negative Search removed

  • When you look for a notebook it could be a laptop or a written notebook
  • Amazon allowed you to exclude certain keywords by typing “-notebook” similar to Google
  • This now doesn’t work anymore – might be a temporary issue

New URL to remove Sponsored Ads

  • Structure of URLs have changed indicating new Amazon algorithm changes
  • You can add popularity in the URL and this removes all the sponsored ads
  • You can see then how many sponsored ads are appearing on the page
  • They are working on this in Amazon

List versus Grid URL changed

  • This URL has been changed
  • Sometimes you get grid other times you get list
  • Type % in the searchbar next to your keyword and it gives you list view

Timestamps to Super URLs

  • SuperURL does not work anymore
  • Added an extra parameter so they know if you are manipulating the system or not
  • A few giveaway companies (coupon code rebate websites) will not work anymore
  • Two extra parameters to track if it’s coming from Amazon or an outside source
  • After people manipulating ranking through giveaways
  • People offering review services via Fiverr got lawyer letters from Amazon
  • Giveaways keep buyers happy but impact the vibe in the marketplace
  • Effect of giveaways is being reduced

Amazon Algorithm and Giveaways

  • We are sure Amazon are collecting information on how people are using giveaways
  • Amazon are forcing sellers to giveaway a lot of products due to the monthly storage fees
  • Sellers giveaways achieves Amazon’s first rule “Happy Buyers”
  • But giveaways in the wrong way impact Amazon’s second rule “vibe of the market”
  • Companies like SixLeaf will ebb and flow to maintain services and help with sales velocity that will always be algorithm driven
  • Relevance is everything for Amazon Sellers in 2018

Amazon has Multiple Indexes

  • Upto four indexes in Amazon
  • A vector between a listing and the keyword – type a keyword and it links to an ASIN
  • This has now changed
  • Amazon choice badge – has a completely different index, keyword is not relevant to the search,
  • PPC – bid on a not very relevant keyword but you make sales and so Amazon assigned this keyword to that specific PPC keyword
  • Amazon separate for testing purposes and for them internally – to understand which keywords get juice from Ranking, Alexa, etc.
  • There isn’t one global index but it’s partitioned into at least four indexes so far


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