New Product Launch Strategy

Liran is with us covering new product launch strategy

  • PPC and five main relevant keywords on exact match for a new product launch strategy
  • First couple of days you didn’t get any impressions
  • Putting this down to it being a new product in a new niche with no reviews and no sales history Amazon juice yet
  • These keywords will get juiced later with storefornt URL and giveaways and discounts
  • With 200% ACoS currently
  • And done a coupon code on currency with sterling discount that appears on the lisign
  • And it’s reflected on the second image

Canonical URL and Storefront Traffic

  • Danny’s new product launch strategy is running exact match campaigns using the canonical URL
  • Using a tool to utilise main keywords and sending that to his main product page on aMazon
  • Gives Amazon a different look from different channels
  • Within the campaigns slip testing 50% on one Ad using the canonical URL
  • And 50% to the storefront for this product with a source tag
  • avoided affiliate tracking
  • Exact match only and using even day parting as well on this new product launch strategy
  • Email followup are very simple – one day after delivery it’s sent
  • This starts a pen pal relationship that we can use to ask for reviews later

Ranking for Keywords

  • Have about 15 keywords
  • Main keywords on exact match that are running through the sponsored ad campaigns
  • Start up in 300s then 259
  • The Main keyword that’s getting no impressions in the ad campaign is in position 98 which is a bit random
  • You can’t run PPC on it but you’re ranking for a keyword that you’re not actually bidding on at this stage
  •  Maybe because that keyword is coming from the Adword account

Wave 2 of Marketing

  • Wave 2 next week is AMS product display ads
  • Putting the product against a product with similar but smaller sized bottles to show the value that the product brings with our bigger bottles giving more value
  • Run that for a week and review on PPC and AMS ads only
  • Then if needed go hard with 90% discounts

Send a variety of Signals

  • Sending a variety of different signals into Amazon
  • Google traffic to the detail page
  • Then traffic going to the storefront
  • Running sponsored ads
  • Even though ACoS is high you’re establishing full price sales sales history
  • Some keywords already showing on page three
  • So when giving away at 90% campaign might need to give less units than is on page 23
  • You might also get a few reviews in and conversions will make you stick on the first page with reviews and people buying
  • Once you’re on the 1st page go aggressive on your product with a currency off coupon deal
  • You then get the orange badge and it doesn’t affect your lightning deal pricing as you’re using a coupon

Facebook Ads and Tracking

  • In running the AMS Display Ads on other people’s listing word the ad to highlight your value – Danny’s says “why pay more?” and his bottles are three times the size but the same price
  • Use Facebook traffic and tool Zontracker – gives tracking of off-line events and match customers that clicked with sales on amazon
  • Combine that with Facebook traffic through a two step URL

Positive Signal Combination

  • Good to send a combination of signals to the algorithm
  • Seems more organic than starting off with a 90% off launch

Stage Remarketing

  • Stage remarketing using adwords and google display network
  • When people bounce and don’t sign-up to the page – re-market them with a ‘Why did you Leave?” ad that follows them around the internet
  • This is a pennies on the pound opportunity to get them back with a coupon code

Enhanced Brand Content

  • It took a few support calls and emails to get the page approved for EBC
  • Danny’s EBC was not talking enough about the product being manufactured in the UK
  • The phrasing of how it was manufactured in the UK was a delay and blocked it passing compliance
  • How to get Amazon to compare your product with a competitors – maybe get yourself and friends to click between these two products and Amazon then thinks there’s a connection between them?


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