New Ranking Data for Giveaways & Review Block Checker (URL)

Anthony Lee opens his kimono

  • Amazon is constantly evolving
  • Somethings don’t change quickly, other things can change quickly
  • Had lots of ranking data showing promotions still work
  • You can still make it to page 1
  • Average position move is in the ranking data
  • Others were highlighting that these result are not ‘sticking’ – what’s the truth?
  • Anthony setup a number of different tests
  • And has lots of ranking data to search through

Odd Behaviour

  • Analysed 8-10 days post promotion to see what was happening
  • Went in thinking I won’t see much difference from 6 months ago….but
  • Looked like things were odd and different behaviour
  • A lot of people were not sticking the landing at the 8-9 days mark – should be 2-3 weeks and stay there after blasting
  • Kept finding this happening more often that expected in the ranking data
  • Looked at listings, sales history and blast history to connect the dots

Landings not Sticking

  • It was staring us right in the face
  • It was unfortunately people running promotions that were not sticking the landing
  • They were taking advice that because velocity is king they should focus efforts in a single day to get sales all at once
  • Two months ago that WAS working brilliantly

80% Drop after 8-10 days post blast

  • URLs used were heat seeker promos
  • Sidewinder URL up until 3 weeks ago was the Storefront URL
  • As it wasn’t performing that well we changed the sidewinder
  • So three types of URL types and didn’t appear to have any impact on this
  • Just as many heatseekers and sidewinder URLs
  • URL type was not the common factor – both fell

Other Reasons for not sticking

  • Product wasn’t any good
  • Not good sales
  • Was boosted into it’s position and not enough factors to keep it there

Keys to Promotion

  • Optimisation is key
  • First review and the stars given
  • Plus the pricing
  • Still uncommon for promotion to lose rank that quickly
  • People who saw tremendous drop were the ones that were un-optimised

What is working?

  • Consistency in listings that were gaining or not losing traction
  • They were hitting promo after promo after promo
  • From bigger sellers with a lot more inventory
  • Also saw surprisingly quite a few Helium 10 Sales X-ray graphs – 7 day average
  • When both the lines are closer together rank consistently grows
  • Because people getting consistently incremental growth in sales were the ones that didn’t lose rank at all – but it was slower
  • They made it to page 1 and stuck there according to ranking data
  • The waves were out-performing the solo promotions

Variable Code differentiation

  • We have a feature that enables Variable code differentiation where you could use different codes coming out
  • Those using this capability found much greater success in their promotions than anyone else doing promotions right now

Suggestions for Launch success

  • You don’t have to use a launch agency
  • If you had buckets of money then…
  • Go and try to buy 50 full price sales a day for 10-20 days
  • Nothing is going to happen as a purchase is a purchase
  • As a search – find – buy sales
  • This is expensive and hard to do

Smaller Promotion discounts

  • Do it with Facebook Ads and try to test your audience to get your percentage discount as low as possible
  • The smaller the promotion the less likely the velocity will trigger Amazon changing your rank


  • Vary the amount and a progressive amount
  • Instead of 20/day for 7 days
  • Start at 5 then 10 to mix up the promotion to give away the same amount

URL solution

  • Use SixLeaf Heatseeker for launch service
  • Get them to search for it and buy
  • Create a long-tail with that short tail in it – instead of ‘garlic press’ put in ‘red steel garlic press’ – something that makes the list shorter and so much easier to find
  • And then tell them in the promotion to type the long-tail and find you on page 2 for the promo
  • A hidden keywords one with ASIN on the end – take a search URL and add &hidden-keywords=[your ASIN] – this has worked quite a bit

Stepped Promos and Full Price sales

  • While running promotions you want to pepper some full price sales in there
  • Spread this out over time rather than all at once
  • A trigger to Amazon is the ratio of promo sales over normal velocity – so keep it close to normal
  • Suddenly getting 200 sales in one day for a product that does 5-10 / day
  • Step your promos up and include some full price sales too
  • It will take a little bit longer but when you get ranked it should stick


  • Anthony does 65% promos all the time but varies the number of coupons each day
  • Warnings of suspicious activity on this listing and can’t leave a review
  • Some deep discount promotions have triggered a review block previously
  • Anthony has run a lot of promotions at 50% off – no big velocity but had some unverified reviews that stuck
  • Done 95% off and Amazon blocked a customer from leaving a review for this listing
  • Anthony did a URL to ‘check’ if his ASIN was review blocked or not (see shownotes)
  • Any deep discounts (more than 60%) don’t follow up with them for a review request because Amazon gets triggered and can get review blocked for upto 2 weeks


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