New Retargeting Ads in Seller Central

Brian Johnson goes into details around Amazon’s new approach to retargeting ads

  • Inside Seller Central in Campaign Manager
  • If part of the beta program and go create a campaign
  • External ad network / display ads has been cooking for over a year
  • If you have this feature – you have a different ‘display ads’ external advertising retargeting ads that Amazon are retargeting for you
  • It didn’t used to be the 3rd option in Create Campaign
  • It started out over a year ago and it was a checkbox for ‘run on Amazon’s external ad network’
  • Brian had tested it over a year ago and then they turned it off
  • Then it came back on in 2018 and Amazon contacted beta big sellers and offered to run ads for you in a single big pool and set it up for you and all you had to do was go turn it on (i.e. Give permission)
  • The challenge on this was then Amazon creates something for you it’s usually geared for Amazon and over-bearing
  • Price-gouging to make you spend ad money was the approach
  • The new option of campaign manager if you see it means you’re in the beta program
  • Inconsistent as to who gets into the programme

Experience with These Retargeting Ads

  • Testing a year ago – had better results than now
  • There might be many factors for this not all Amazon
  • Additional 5% in sales on larger accounts – significant revenue
  • These are with existing accounts and so not a new feature as such but new as to how it’s run – now a separate campaign as opposed to co-mingled
  • An additional 3-5% in the number of ad impressions from these retargeting ads
  • Seems like a small number but big volume (‘000s or even millions)
  • The ads are getting out there but conversion rates are a 10th of what you’d see in sponsored or headline ads – as they are shotgunning these ads out there
  • What is the mindset of the shopper when they see the ads? Not in the context of a shopping intent as if they were on Amazon itself
  • Amazon headline and sponsored ads will have higher conversions due to this context
  • Amazon recommends $100/day on the retargeting ads
  • But don’t go crazy on the bid price as the ROI will not be the same as native ads on Amazon

Opportunities on ad-space

  • More co-mingling of ad space that Amazon is doing
  • Especially where you are in a space where your products are in a less competitive or less mature sophisticated environment for ads
  • Becomes an opportunity in lesser competitive niche can take advantage of this co-mingled ad space
  • There are 36+ slots on the page on desktop for ads space now
  • All the organic positions have been pushed down

Conversions on EBC pages

  • Try to get the best organic position we can
  • Also run sponsored ads and sponsored brand ads to multiply the chances shoppers buy us
  • Amazon continuing to test large banner ads, product display ads and store pages
  • Can’t get great conversion rates on store pages – not sure people scroll down to see the content like Enhanced Brand Content
  • Consider – the longer the page, the further away you are from the buy box! Short scroll is better…
  • …it does also push down the sponsored ads at the bottom of the page too
  • Anything that throws a shopper off their buyer intent while on your product listing….it reduces conversions

Q4 progress

  • Some products seeing an uplift now
  • Halloween is a bit of a lift too
  • Amazon has tighter restrictions on when you can run ads
  • Used to be able to create ads in Feb for Thanksgiving
  • They now reject ads unless 30days before the event
  • You now have to time it to start and end on the day of the event
  • The restrictions on ad titles etc have tightened too

Agency doors are opened

  • Have 400+ applicants for the Agency but they only take 5 to maintain quality
  • Rather have happy clients
  • You might want to check the quality of who you get
  • Price can reflect the approach taken by organisations


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