A New Way To Verify Supplier Certification

Manuel Becvar on how to verify supplier certifications

  • ImportDojo from Manuel was Danny’s go-to import bible when he was starting out
  • It’s a 135 page ebook that explains the real basics of importing from China
  • In the retail industry for 17 years

How to verify supplier certifications

  • It takes a long time and is resource heavy
  • Building a team in Serbia and Switzerland and legal team
  • Building the platform libellum.io and partnering with testing laboratories
  • Getting 3rd parties to upload all test certificates, test reports and audits to the platform powered by blockchain
  • Get these entries onto the blockchain and no-one can change it
  • Only way to upload is via the 3rd parties that issued the certificates
  • When an audit or certificate is uploaded a QR code is generated which the 3rd party gives to the supplier that paid for the test

Horror Stories

  • In 2012 in the buying office, had a large order of fans for a big German client
  • They had already started selling the fans and a couple of months into sales a fan burned and the whole house was burned down
  • Checked the certificate of the manufacturer and it turned out the certificate was fake
  • It cost a lot of money to re-imburse the client
  • Put new processes in place to ensure this does not happen again
  • There are still supplier that slip through the net, even with Global Sources and Alibaba

New Seller

  • New Sellers see a REACH or CE certificate and just accept it as real
  • Not using Alibaba or Global Sources you can get stung
  • Trying to close the net on these loopholes

Ask the right questions

  • Don’t want to overwhelm the supplier but…
  • If it’s a fan then a CE and a REACH certificate – find out what sort of certificates you need first before you speak to them
  • What markets do they work with, you want someone who has worked with your market
  • Who are his customers, does he have big retailers in his portfolio – a good sign as will know the regulations
  • How long has he been in business? 2yrs or 25yrs
  • Vendor Profile Report – send to supplier after 2nd/3rd email
  • His business licence, how many machines, how many engineers, turnover per year
  • See if he responds well, is it good communication
  • Eventually you can ask for certificates
  • They may not send the whole certificate if for another customer – they can black that out which is fine
  • You can then go to the issuing laboratory or 3rd party and verify it was issued
  • Sometimes they only have a Chinese testing authority in the provinces that are more difficult to reach


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