Off Amazon Traffic – (Facebook) Creating Custom Conversions

Paul Harvey is with us teaching us how to go about creating custom conversions on Facebook to groom our pixel and build the audience that is closest to the AMazon purchase for us to retarget and build lookalike audiences from

  • Set a pixel that comes with default conversions like ‘add to cart’, ‘purchase’, ‘search’, etc
  • You might want to add your own conversions

Software to add Pixel to a URL link

  • Software out there that lets you add the pixel to your link
  • On your Amazon product insert, you say please go to this URL –
  • Everyone that types in the link it will create a Pixel ‘fire’
  • You can then create an audience and re-target them

RocketLink software

  • Paul uses software called rocketlink of an Appsumo deal
  • Pixelfarmee also do the same thing
  • You login
  • Give them your pixel ID
  • You can create any URL with any domain
  • When someone clicks the link the pixel will ‘fire’ as it’s embedded in that link

Use Case for Amazon Seller

  • If we were not doing AMazon but just using our own website then we would have Google Analytics etc for our own website for data
  • Amazon takes away all this dat from us as Amazon Sellers
  • In your sales flow/funnel whether Messenger bot or landing pages
  • The very last point when you send them to Amazon – you pixel that link
  • Everytime they hit that link they will go to Amazon
  • THis is the closest we can get to a purchase on AMazon ‘fire’ for your Pixel
  • These people are then assumed to have purchased off Amazon (not all will have but close enough)
  • We then re-target this link to create a new audience and also create a lookalike audience based off that

Custom Conversion

  • When you create a custom conversion
  • You paste that URL into the custom conversion
  • You name it and give it a category
  • THis would in effect be the ‘add to cart’ or ‘search’ and set it closely to what you want to achieve

How to do this

  • Go to
  • In the dropdown select ‘Custom Conversions’
  • Select your ad account
  • Then Select ‘Create Custom Conversion’
  • Select ‘All your Traffic’
  • Paste in your URL
  • Then name it

Conversions Facebook Ads

  • You now have a custom conversion on anyone that clicks on that link
  • When you create your Facebook ads targeting you want the ad to convert according to people who have most likely clicked this link in the past
  • This is grooming and training your pixel
  • We have 50 people who maybe have clicked your link
  • It may be enough to run a facebook conversions ad
  • Never touch the custom conversion until you get 300-400 fires as it will then be more groomed and targeted
  • Then create a conversions ad on Facebook for targeting according to the custom conversion created
  • Add a category and for the value there if your product cost $20 then you’d put $20 as availability of funds you’ve got to breakeven
  • Use the gross value of the product in there

Reviewing your Custom Conversions

  • Look into ads manager account
  • Customise your columns, don’t use the default columns as Facebook hides data
  • Pick the conversion you just created as a column – so you can see the data in your report
  • THis means you can see your ‘fires’ against the conversion

In Summary

  • Make sure you have software to create the pixel fires in your url
  • Take that link and decide where you will use it –  on an insert, bot flow, funnels, landing page
  • Setup the ‘custom conversion’ to do it now as if you forget to Facebook cannot go back and record stuff in the past
  • Set it up now and come back to it days or weeks later and see how many ‘fires’ you’ve had and you can then setup the ads


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