Off Amazon Traffic – (Facebook) How to setup the pixel

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Paul Harvey is with us for an episode focused on educating following on from our brand analytics episode which went down really well. We will show you how to setup the pixel on Facebook for audience building and retargeting. So that you can implement this on your own campaign.

How to setup a Facebook Pixel and create an ad so an audience is based on that pixel.

  • Setting up a pixel, Facebook sets a lot of confusing popups making you think you need to be a Developer to do this – you don’t!

First Step – How to setup the pixel

  • How to setup the pixel – Go to business.facebook.com
  • Look at the Dropdown menu and click on ‘pixels’
  • Make sure to select the right ‘ad’ account under Pixel
  • See the menu that says ‘setup pixel’ that’s how to setup your pixel 🙂

Confusing next step

  • Facebook offers you a popup with :
    • Connect to platform
    • Manually Install Pixel
    • Email instructions to a Developer
  • Most AMazon Sellers are using ecommerce woocommerce, shopify and you don’t need to install the pixel just give it the Pixel ID
  • Select ‘Manually Install the Pixel’
  • Click ‘Continue’ on the next page
  • This is to manually install the pixel to give to your developer or put in the header of your site

Tracking Pixel Events

  • The pixel is then ready to go
  • What events of the pixel do you want to track:
    • Add to cart
    • Purchase
    • Start Trail
  • If someone goes to add to cart, searching, cart abandoned, then the pixel will fire for that ‘event’
  • You get so many pixel ‘fires’ when each event triggers

Category and Parameters

  • Choose the ‘ecommerce and retail’ category for the parameters we want
  • Select ‘done’
  • The Pixel is now setup on your page

Create Audiences

  • In the business.facebook.com dropdown box
  • Select ‘Audiences’
  • There won’t be one until you set one up
  • Click ‘create custom audience’
  • Then in the ‘audience’ tab click on ‘create audience’
    • Two options:
      • Custom
      • Lookalike audience
    • Click on ‘custom’
  • The Popup will appear with a bunch of audiences we can create

Customer File

  • Do you want to create a ‘Customer File’?
  • If you have the customer’s email addresses or details in Excel spreadsheet
  • You can upload to Facebook and they will create an audience based on those uploaded details
  • Also, you can take orders details off your website and create an audience list from that
  • Or download from Amazon orders and create an audience of that
  • Match-rates are not always very successful from Amazon orders

Website traffic

  • You want to retarget people who bought your baby blanket
  • Say you know the people who bought a baby blanket and you know they will likely buy a baby rattle
  • Anyone that comes to your page and lands on your baby blanket page you can create a custom audience of all those people so you can advertise to for baby rattle

App Activity

  • Don’t stress about this one
  • Only if you are using apps do you need to worry about it
  • Paul is a developer on Facebook and even he doesn’t worry about this one

Off-line Activity

  • Do off-line activity and track your sales on Amazon
  • Fallen away now as Amazon has removed it

One called Engagement

  • All engagement on your Facebook ad – video, lead form, full screen experience, facebook pages
  • Just go for A20 – the things that are best for you
  • First of all video


  • Create and audience of everyone that has watched a video
  • Can decide if they watched 3 secs, 75%, etc
  • All of Paul’s ads are purely ‘video ads’
  • No work to create a quick slideshow video in seconds on Facebook

Next one is Lead Form

  • Leave it alone

Full Screen Experience

  • Someone clicks on your ad and it takes over the whole screen on your mobile or desktop – looks really cool
  • Not really bothered with this too much

Facebook Page

  • Everyone that has engaged on your page
  • Visited, clicked on post or add, even sending your page a message counts
  • You can create an audience of anyone that has engaged with your page at any level

Instagram Business Profile

  • Really good but you have to connect your account to Facebook
  • Very easy if you use the same login details across

The Event

  • Don’t know too much about this one
  • Holding a Facebook Love event

Focus for Page Engagement – Best two things

  • Video and Facebook page are the ones to focus on
  • These are the ones to target for your Facebook page engagement
  • That’s all the elements in the custom audience setup

Takeaways for how to setup the pixel were:

  • Step 1 – setup the pixel
  • Step 2 – create 2 x audiences of people who have viewed your videos or engaged with your page, this will continue to grow
    • Video – people watched videos
    • Page Engagement – had interaction with your page
  • Simples