Off Amazon Traffic (Facebook) – Landing Pages for Launching Products

Paul has joined us to go through Facebook for ranking products and the use of landing pages and bot flows for launching products, how the importance of getting the initial ad setup correctly drives the success of either landing page or chat bot conversions and how the mechanics of chatflow ‘conversations’ differ from landing page copy.

  • Why are we using a landing page?
  • We don’t want them to go direct to Amazon so we can get their emails first
  • Plus we don’t want to kill our conversion rate on Amazon
  • Yes, you can use ‘landing cube’ and softwares
  • If you’re not doing launches every single month the subscription cost is expensive
  • So having an on-demand landing page approach is helpful
  • All optimised for mobile and look and feel friendly to Amazon
  • Use a cheap domain to host the landing page
  • Developer for $10 / hour does all the setup
  • Multiple-language pages we pay a translator to do this
  • Coupon distribution using one off software AMZ coupon server $57
  • WordPress Facebook Pixel plugin for all conversion info and data

Landing page

  • Above and below the fold – two parts
  • Above the fold:
    • Headline – celebrating the launch of…
    • Image of the product (also in ad, landing page and Amazon)
    • Then tell them what they will get – grab your today saving 90%
    • Grab email address only (less fields is better for conversions)
    • Call to action button – Get Coupon Code
  • Below the fold
    • Three bullet points from the listing
    • Add FAQs
    • Repeat the email capture at the bottom to save lots of scrolling backup

Thank you page

  • Describe step by step
  • Add the URL
  • Thank you for your interest in our [prod]
  • Here is your Discount Coupon Code [short code]
  • Please take these steps
  • 1. This contains the URL / Storefront
  • 2. Thanks for choosing product
  • 3. Please select your colour and place in shopping cart
  • 4. Enter you discount code and checkout
  • 5. Please confirm you order
  • 6. Wait for the [prod] to arrive at your home (code is valid 6hrs from receipt of this message)

Choose your Buyers

  • Interlinking of these fields and steps is key
  • Using coupon clippers off of Facebook to take your coupon code to buy the product
  • The goal is to create visibility with people using the ‘coupon cutters’ to build awareness
  • Amazon will see the popularity and raise your visibility to full-price buyers in Amazon
  • Don’t worry about picking up the ‘coupon-cutter’ details as they are not likely to pay full-price in future
  • Good for launching and re-ranking to boost visibility by turning this on at anytime
  • You can pause the ad and turn it back on again when you need it

Landing Page Design

  • If you 2-4 launches per year you don’t want to pay for a subscription service
  • You might want to setup your own individual pages as needed
  • When you cancel your subscription your need to start up again but it’s 5 mins when using their tools
  • Sign-up for their subscriptions and do the trial for a month
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing it can be a huge problem
  • Design can take ages but the design builds trust
  • A lot of Amazon marketers work on long-form sales pages t sell
  • But Apple are not using that conversion type to sell their products
  • Don’t fall into the trap of there being one way to do ‘copy’ and ‘landing pages’

Trust in Landing Pages

  • As a marketer would you buy a $60k car off a long forma landing page with video and long page
  • No it doesn’t build trust
  • But long-form landing page styles work for selling info products and where people are not as risk-averse about parting with money for a cheaper product

Long and Short of it

  • THere are long and there are short-form landing pages
  • Short-form works better when the product needs less discussion and
  • If it’s complex thing then people need long-form to get the information across
  • Bad Marketers use long form to NLP money out of your pocket building as you scroll down the page
  • Give away products on Amazon do not need super-long sales pages
  • Long sales pages don’t convert as well

Chat Bot chatflow sequence

  • Going from a Facebook Ad to bot
  • You don’t need a landing page
  • The time you spend designing the landing page now changes to the time you spend formating the chatflow sequence
  • You now need to think about how you have a conversation with the customer
  • Every customer will ask ‘why you’re giving 90% off’
  • Then you offer the coupon code
  • Give them whichever URL you want and off they go
  • The magic is the bot will reach out to them in 6hrs and ask if they got their deal – like retargeting
  • If they say YES then great
  • If they say no then you tell them they have 1 hr left, etc…

80% Open Rate

  • Paul is a lazy marketer and not good at writing emails and long form
  • Like messenger as short and quick
  • A messenger broadcast has an 80% open rate as opposed to email at 20%
  • Like them a lot as have subscriber details and can reachout time and again
  • The starting point is the ad – make sure it is done really well
  • Only then – decide if it’s landing page or chat bot


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