Off Amazon Traffic – (Facebook) Retargeting

Paul joins us to talk through Facebook re-targeting and the final piece of the jigsaw in setting up the audiences and ads to retarget those audiences that reduces your cost per click and increases your traffic and conversions across the board.

The Lazy Marketer

  • A lazy Facebook marketer
  • Retarget on anyone that has engaged with you Facebook page via an ad, messages, etc
  • We can then add them to an audience automatically
  • And we can run Facebook ads automatically to that audience
  • When you setup your own website – just setup retargeting tags onto it straight away
  • You can run ads later and use the audience then
  • Set it up before you need it not when you need it
  • You need seven points of contact with a customer to make a sale

Cheaper Ads Clicks

  • You need to build trust with a brand before you buy
  • Assume you’re doing a giveaway and sending them to a landing page
  • If they drop out and don’t activate the code then you can re-target them and offer a discount
  • Retargeting ads clicks are generally a lot cheaper
  • They may have started your funnel on their mobile and dropped off – the retargeting gives you another bite of the cherry

Changing Creatives

  • You can be clever with it
  • You can change the creatives for it and make it more interesting and refreshing them
  • Get creative with retargeting
  • You might create a Facebook ad with 50% off, then you create a retargeting ad that appears in their Messenger saying you saw they were interested for 50% off now we’re offering 70% off please click here
  • Then when they click it will open up Messenger and people love this
  • Also, it’s a cheaper ad

How to Set it up

  • You’ve created your pixel
  • A bunch of default conversions that are already there
  • You should also have created your audience that have engaged with your page
  • You should also have an audience setup with your ‘rocketlink’ URL that you pixeled
  • This is a bunch of audiences that are former customers
  • We can also create look-alike audiences off of these audiences
  • If you’ve run a few ads you already have 5-10 audiences you can retarget
  • You must mix up the copy and creatives you use to avoid burnout

Amazon Seller Retargeting

  • You can’t retarget people on your Amazon listing
  • Send people to a sales funnel – could be an AMZ promoter plugin page and we target
  • The last step before they go to Amazon that button is pixeled and that person is added to an audience
  • Then Paul runs tow ads simultaneously:
    • Run an ad to a cold-audience and the another
    • Run another to all the people that did not purchase
  • We then push another ad off a custom-audience to those that clicked the link
  • A very basic ad to the people who have clicked on that link

Top Takeaways

  • Be sure you have setup your audiences
  • Setup your custom conversion – do it now as you can’t back date it
  • Do retargeting on every single ad you create


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