Off Amazon Traffic (Facebook) – Setting Up Ads for Launching Products

Paul Harvey joins us talking Facebook, setting up ads for hugely successful product launches time and again. The mechanics of the setup process for effective, high-converting ads and campaigns plus how to target the audience characteristics for the greatest success from reverse psychology to to KISS and perseverance

  • Biggest issue with FB ads – being the easiest platform to deploy ads for Amazon
  • Analysis paralysis is the problem but time is short when setting up ads
  • The longer you take the more costly it is per click
  • A year ago Paul was looking at cost per customer acquisition of 10p now it’s 50p
  • Move now as it’s only going to get more expensive

Ad Copy in setting up ads

  • Affiliate marketer style, no-nonsense style – there are so many styles
  • Best for your audience is best
  • Firstly, make sure the image is sexy as hell – stop them in their tracks in their news feed
  • Copy needs to be short and sweet
  • Emojis with basic text saying buy this now
  • Six to eight lines with a few words on each and an Emoji at the start
  • Keep it simple
  • Spelling out the money amount of the discount too
  • Tell them how quick they can do it
  • Get 90% off….shop now
  • Trick in setting up ads is to: se it at Max 2 per customer while stocks last – to double the order size everytime someone orders 2
  • for all the emojis
  • Use reverse psychology
  • Leverage Social Proof – or use an Amazon Logo if you’re part of the Amazon associates programme and promoting Amazon products
  • People start liking and tagging friends – this increases social proof
  • Re-use the same ad for 2nd time and pickup the same social proof and comments


  • Travel and camping niche nesting
  • When targeting you get a few fields with setting up ads
  • Beware they are ‘and’ , ‘or’ fields
  • When setting up ads:
    • Select does the person have an interest in  ‘’ and
    • ‘Engaged Shoppers’ or ‘have clicked on Facebook ads in last 7 days’
    • Niche specific criteria – baby blanket product might be list all the kids brands
  • Setup as wi-fi only
  • Do not do day-parting when setting up ads but set the ads to run during your target audiences ‘daytime’
  • Set your ‘ad-scent’ such that all your ads and landing page match up for look and feel
  • When generating your single-use coupon codes, the greater the value of the offer the greater the value of your campaign
  • Cheap facebook ads means a higher discount
  • Lower the discount means a higher ad cost as no-one is excited about it
  • Maximum order size of the ad needs be set to 2 so people can only order 2 items per order


  • First time it will be miserable, it will be hard work and likely not a huge success
  • It takes 2 to 3 goes to get it right and optimised
  • Stick with it and make it happen


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