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Part 1: 2018 Round Up with Kevin King & Liran Hirschkorn

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Liran and Kevin King join for a 2018 roundup going through the changes we’ve seen in Amazon looking at reviews, rating of Buyer Accounts, the rise of the chatbots and what’s coming in 2019…

  • 2018 has been a year with a lot of changes in Amazon like sponsored products to massive review sweeps, black hat creeping up
  • Lots of change and 2019 will not be different in terms of change

Rise of the Bots

  • Liran using bots and flows and sequences, not using on a very regular basis but will do for Launch and Lightening Deals
  • One of these bot lists is a Deal Club list with deep discounts and another is for people who love his brand with minimal discounts
  • A lot more responsive as an audience
  • Facebook looking to charge for the bots in 2019
  • Bots on Instagram will come out in 2019 and maybe Facebook will start charging in WhatsApp
  • Only some of the advanced sellers are using them today – it’s a different way of thinking and a lot of average sellers struggle to get their heads around it, not very intuitive
  • Those doing it correctly are seeing results
  • SMS is getting better results than chat bots too in 2019


  • Ranking and then dropping off…often times it’s down to the implementation
  • 1 day, 7 day, 30 day launches
  • Search, Find, Buy is the best way to launch – just as the buyer would do
  • Most of the URLs will still work (ASIN, Brand, Storefront URLs)
  • Helium 10 has the CPR method that’s not too bad
  • Got to have a good listing, good price and people need to want your product to ‘stick’
  • The vast majority of products on Amazon make their money on 3-8 keywords
  • A prong approach is to use URLs, use your group, use Amazon giveaways and use influencers – flood it with multiple directions because Amazon likes this
  • Show diversity to your Amazon listing as it’s more effective – Google ads, Facebook source, rebate coupons, all of this helps
  • Need a strategy for post-launch to maintain velocity, pricing, aggressive PPC keywords and use all these signals together

Amazon Buyers being Monitored

  • Amazon is looking at Buyers – they are scoring customers
  • Leo Limin talked of this on Seller Sessions
  • People on launch services buying stuff for $1 ten times a week is being tracked and flagged by Amazon
  • Algorithm wants to target the ‘right’ kind of Buyers
  • Mix in ‘regular’ customers to your launch service pool of buyers to help with the algorithm
  • Amazon looking to remove these bad Buyers accounts
  • If Launch services cannot filter these out then you do it manually through Facebook and your own lists for launches
  • Amazon places limits on the number of reviews people can leave and even on review velocity against your product – too high a review velocity and it will bite you
  • The Amazon Giveaways can also be used to help launches

Amazon Giveaways

  • The more you can use Amazon internal systems the more Amazon favours you
  • Use Amazon PPC and go heavy to start
  • Leverage the Amazon Giveaways to get more juice from Amazon
  • Set this up in your Buyer account and click on your own PPC ad and setup the Giveaway on the listing page and buy 5-20 units to give juice to all the Amazon algorithm triggers
  • Give Amazon what they want within their system and they’ll favour you for it

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