Product image optimisation on Amazon

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Michael Hartman speaks about product image optimisation for Amazon product listings.

Main image

  • Keep it as ToS compliant as possible
  • Helps avoid a competitor reporting it
  • Include the packaging in the image
  • White background, shadows are okay for product image optimisation
  • Take everything out of the box and lay it out – looks like they’re getting a lot of value for their money
  • Use props in image only on the lower value products, don’t risk it on the higher value products
  • Not worth risking it for the high value products

Cropping for mobile

  • Ensure the image vertical side is full up and down to ensure Amazon doesn’t crop it
  • Always check your renders on mobile devices to maximise your product image optimisation

3D Renders

  • Using it more lately
  • The 3D Render artists are busier now than the in-house photographer
  • It’s a lot faster to change colour variations on renders
  • A-B Testing of images is a lot faster with 3D Models
  • Use shutterstock images and then render in the 3D models into it
  • Quality is key in doing this too – need a good quality 3D Artist to get images done properly
  • It’s so good you can get away with a lot less photography
  • Using a photo of the product to be the texture on the 3D Model to make it look realistic

Lifestyle Images

  • Lifestyle images are not photos but are 3D Models and photoshop images superimposed
  • Doing photos with 3D Models for around $500
  • Show how the product is being used in real everyday life
  • Use 2-3 Lifestyle images of your 9 images on the listing

Text Annotations

  • Used in the feature images to point out benefits and features


  • Tried to do a lot of comparison charts – us versus the competitor product
  • Checkbox with green and red
  • A card-stacking argument for your product
  • Use comparisons in your feature images
  • Cruelty free for health and beauty
  • A portion of our proceeds go to a non-profit is a new thing Michael is doing
  • Include all the other products you carry in the last image

Telling your Story

  • Image no.2 is the display image with the features
  • Text overlay pulling out the key features
  • Image 3&4 are the lifestyle images, show size of the product
  • Show the activities it’s used for / in to build an emotional response
  • Remaining images use the entire product set for the family of products being sold
  • Use an infographic for the 2nd Image that shows all the uses for the product
  • Technical information for later ones
  • Comparisons with other competitor products (in silhouette) in another image
  • Always A/B test your images


  • Test images by changing only one image at a time to get one data point to measure
  • Features images – maybe the text annotations are not covering all the needs of buyers in that category
  • In some the lifestyle photos go better on the 2nd in others its the last image depending on the category
  • If you have a poor conversion rate then look at the main image and try changes there first

Enhanced Brand Content

  • Using around 7 images in the EBC
  • Using some text as well depending on what you’re selling
  • Always put a satisfaction guarantee on the EBC to build trust in the brand
  • Also add in the charity or portion of proceeds mentions in here – improves conversion rates

Conversion Rate

  • Doubled the conversion rate through optimising a listing
  • Titles, images and price are the big things for moving the needle on conversions
  • Amazon customers eat with their eyes
  • Adding EBC to a listing will give a 5% boost
  • Optimising images can double conversion rate if done correctly



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