Product Research Data Accuracy Revisited

Joe Junfolla of SixLeaf is with us explaining his view on why data accuracy matters for Sellers,, his experiences as a seller with inaccurate data, the error rates from some of the tools out there and what SixLeaf are building as an algorithm to help.

  • Anthony Lee, good friend of the show, works with Joe at SixLeaf
  • Joe is CEO/Founder of what was ZonBlast
  • Seller since 2014
  • Pivot in 2017 now to SixLeaf
  • Specialise in data accuracy and ensuring the end user (Seller) gets info to make accurate decisions in their business

Facebook Group

  • #Brand Owners by Six Leaf
  • Used to be Zon Squad as a paid group
  • Opened it up as a good close knit group
  • No Gurus allowed 🙂

Jungle Scout data

  • Had Greg Mercer on the show on Jungle Scout data accuracy
  • Gave out to people a load of data
  • The SixLeaf group has a view on the data provided

Respect for the Space

  • Lots of respect for Jungle Scout and Viral Launch
  • Going back to 2014 there was a sales estimation tool being used for a training course that was incredibly inaccurate on sales per day/month (was 4-6 times over the actual sales)
  • Underlying theme is that these chrome extensions are based on estimated sales
  • Discussions in groups over the years have revolved around numbers not being accurate to them being used as a ‘relative measure’ between ASINs
  • Got under our skin as the numbers are not accurate but Noobs would follow them slavishly

Solving the Problem in the Space

  • 2016/17 the chrome extensions space was blowing up
  • Six Leaf wanted to get into this space but was held back by the estimated sales figures as didn’t think could get better than what was out there
  • Also, wanted to focus on being unique and not a me-too
  • 8 months ago learned about machine learning and creating an accurate sales algorithm
  • Dove in and in December contracted with data scientists that specialise in Amazon
  • Literally 100 of millions of rows of data to create this learning algorithm for BSR, search volume nad history for a given ASIN
  • Wanted a 15% target error rate and seem to be hitting 6% which is amazing
  • Incredibly precise and accurate

Accuracy versus Precision

  • The challenge of data accuracy in these numbers will be great
  • Difference between accuracy and precision
  • Think of archery and arrows
  • Accuracy is how close you are to the bulls-eye
  • Precision is how tight your shot-group is
  • Basically – everybody is very inaccurate and very imprecise
  • Box-plot with whiskers shows this argument and that Six Leaf are the top at the moment

Phoenix Algorithm

  • Traditionally we’ve been niched in launch
  • Moving more into SaaS now with the new Phoenix Rise algorithm

Launching Soon

  • Data scientists and Greg is spending $1m per year to develop data accuracy
  • Joe’s approach is different here
  • Throwing money at something does not definitely make it better
  • Joe not spending anywhere near $1m on this
  • Has a beta group and internal team running this, around $10k/month
  • Launching open Beta in the next week


  • #BrandOwners group on Facebook

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