Product Research With Brand Analytics

Brent comes to us to cover Brand Analytics, talking through how his Agency is benefiting from Brand Analytics, how the data is Amazon’s own and is so precise and accurate that he thought someone at Amazon was going to get fired.

  • The new URL is
  • This takes you to a slightly different page
  • Allows you to use the top right drop down like running different accounts

Using Brand Analytics for Product Research

  • Another way to start product research – not replacing other tools out there
  • We base it on search term
  • Can change the reporting range (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Danny finds it quite buggy, Brent clears his chrome cache completely every month

Product Research

  • Starting with the keyword first
  • Got 1.185m showing currently which can be filtered
  • If you’re in discovery mode
  • You can download the report and scroll down to look for search terms
  • ‘Oyster Grill’ was one that Danny & Brent saw earlier
  • Starts to manoeuvre you away from the bottom and the top keywords
  • You can start with a search term itself – like ‘oil’ is where Danny started
  • By continuing to scroll you can come up with ideas
  • Gives a new nuance on product research – different approach to other product research tools (not fishing from the same pool as everyone else)
  • Use the tool, scroll down and randomly look at search terms
  • Brent saw that using ‘oyster’ as a search term came up with some good ancillary products around the one off Oyster Grill that was found
  • Using ‘period searches’ you can plan for this Halloween by reporting on last year’s Halloween period

Brent’s Searches

  • Single or double word keywords and sort by search frequency
  • Start with a single word and download the data to work from there
  • Looking at Easter Basket stuffers – lego, slime products
  • How to find that niche in the right time periods to get the right balance
  • Knowing that iPhone 8 cases will sell is a no-brainer but can you compete?
  • No good picking a niche that is a one-horse race due to a single search-term
  • Use it as a reverse ASIN – put it in the 2nd search area on the right
  • Take those results and use them for ASIN targeting
  • STEM – put in pillows and get thousands of results, use ‘neck pillow’ and has a more limited return
  • You’ll get a lot of terms that STEM from ‘neck pillow’ – like neck pillows for men…
  • A good application of a ‘phrase match’

Access to Amazon’s own Data

  • This data is a lot more accurate and precise now
  • Amazon data is being made available here
  • Brent thought someone at Amazon was going to get fired when Brand Analytics came out

Metrics Confusion

  • No 1 click-share is the just percentage of the total clicks that the ASIN received for all ASINs (not the click-through rate of the ASIN) won’t add up to 100% across top 3
  • Conversion share does not represent the conversions for a given search term it’s the % total sales that each of those ASINs received for that keyword
  • These can be confusing as some have discovered
  • Changing the reporting range with no filters applied gives less results for a wider timeframe, we don’t understand why this happens…confusing!


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