(Pt 2) Ranking on Amazon 2019 (RoundTable)

Roundtable 2019 part 2 on Ranking on Amazon looking at Search & Buy URLs, ranking with Bots, why A9 loves cart abandonment, how old-school sellers find search volume data and are brands the future of selling?

  • Paul Harvey – Seller chat bots
  • Anthony Lee – Six Leaf
  • Michael Hartman – Innoventic
  • Chris Rawlings – Judo Launch

URLs Search and Buy

  • Which URLs are working at the moment for ranking on Amazon
  • Anthony is sceptical this can be manipulated by URLs anyway
  • Injected fake QID and Storefront URLs did work but not anymore and now they are back again for ranking on Amazon?
  • Might be that the URL is not the key to this but the closest you can get to an organic scenario is what counts for ranking on Amazon
  • Search, find, buy approaches are killing it as best
  • Anthony’s Heatseeker product is the one that’s outperforming currently as it’s closer to an organic real scenario

Selling with Bots

  • Paul has done this with the bots
  • Stopped using URLs but asked them to search and buy on amazon
  • Told them they didn’t know what the value of the coupon was and they would need to check at checkout to find out – to Amazon they see it as a search and buy scenario
  • Uses bots to push people through this process and by the time the buyer gets to the checkout they typically click as it’s just one more click for them to complete it
  • In China they will buy the Amazon decision tree that breakdown the algorithm
  • The algorithm has ‘way increased’ the weighting for ‘add to cart’ in recent months
  • The last 3-4 months Paul has seen a lot more effect in ‘add to cart’ in his testing
  • Micheal is also seeing a great increase in ‘add to cart’ effect on ranking

Why Amazon A9 Loves Abandonment

  • How to deal with cart abandonment?
  • Amazon loves a product reaching cart abandonment – If a buyer has made it all the way to the cart then it has proven to Amazon the product is relevant
  • Amazon being a huge retail site understands that cart abandonment is a huge issue – they take it on themselves to fix this as it’s an issue every shopping platform has
  • This is seen by Amazon as separate from the Seller – the product made it to the cart already and proven itself so Amazon is seeking to tackle the abandonment issue as a platform problem
  • And the sheer size of Amazon means those abusing ‘add to cart’ abandonment is small enough that Amazon don’t worry about it…yet…
  • Like the data leak for search volume data, Amazon hardly even registered people were sucking it

Old-School Sellers – Keyword Search Volume

  • A year’s worth of data to help ranking on Amazon
  • A lot of people are losing their minds about the search volume data going away
  • But for old-school Sellers, this is just common sense with your PPC because the data is available anyway
  • Anthony’s view is that we were using ‘imperfect data’ before we had the search volume info from Amazon
  • Perfect or not the info you need is whether you’re going after a keyword with search volume or not – we were spoiled with all that data
  • Now people will take Adwords or Bing APIs with an algorithm around it to extrapolate search volume
  • With the 12m of data available now they will wrap algorithms around that which is more accurate but as time proceeds it will fall out of date unless new data/techniques are discovered
  • Image how things change and the rise and fall of the ‘fight spinner’ keyword and products
  • Use whatever tool you are comfortable with to assess if you are going after keyword with volume and that you’re going in the right direction
  • Use your own eyes and stop relying on the services, see competitor listings and see what keywords they are using to take queues from
  • It’s always been an art and a science selling on e-commerce
  • More and more people will start buying the ASIN reports to get access to data
  • With so many leaks from Amazon it’s too big a problem for them to fix quickly

Brands Win when Ranking on Amazon

  • Brands with a story and character are winning out – just being a customer and seeing more of this is telling us where the whole eco-system is heading
  • Focus on your strategy and where you want to be in 2 years time rather than spinning your wheels keeping up with rumours

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