(pt1) Amazon Data Leaks… Plugging The Gaps

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Steve Simonson talks data leaks, Amazon holding itself to the same standard as it does us Sellers, alleged bribery and Amazon outrage we even verge into hacking.

  • Based in Seattle near Amazon HQ
  • Often involved in research projects with Amazon to educate them on what Sellers think in the real world

Amazon Marketplace – Data Leaks

  • Data Leaks in a few areas
  • Customer data was exposed
  • There is some hacking going on that may have led to data leaks
  • Amazon are as aghast and outraged as we as Sellers are around this
  • Any company is going to face Hackers (Visa, Mastercard, Target, Walmart) – nobody is immune
  • Bribe side they are taking very aggressive action and are very embarrassed by it
  • They respond to negative publicity and news reports quickly
  • Lots of people out there that will feed the negative press
  • Amazon reacts more so to the press when it relates to customers trust
  • Customers are more interested in manipulation of reviews than vendor central hacking

Holding Amazon to Account

  • No benefit in trashing Amazon but we do want to hold them to account on standards and data leaks
  • Amazon are happy to hold Sellers to account for ToS
  • They do many things with their own brands that need pointing out
  • The Atlantic magazine in-depth piece on Amazon talking of the get rich quick schemers who find it’s hard work
  • Amazon are obsessed about their customers but letting Chinese Sellers manipulate reviews is a dichotomy
  • So many unscrupulous things that CHinese (and other) Sellers do
  • Amazon are not ignoring it but not reacting as quickly as they could
  • Leveling the Chinese Suppliers to the rest of us with appropriate Tax ID numbers
  • Giving an advantage to Chinese suppliers with full knowledge and complicity of Amazon

Bribes and ASIN Reports

  • US, China and India had apparent Amazon employees selling ASIN reports out the back door
  • Amazon wining and dining China Sellers leading to unhealthy behaviours
  • Knowledge of being able to buy ASIN reports from China based personnel
  • Culturally some of these practices are not accepted in US, UK, Western World
  • Amazon are not going to come out and say they are working on their mole problem but will mop up behind closed doors
  • As they see egregious things then they will bring the hammer down

Search Volume Hack

  • Search volume was a hack and has always been a hack but everyone was using it via the API, then Amazon took it away.