(Pt1) Ranking On Amazon 2019 (Roundtable)

Roundtable on Ranking on Amazon looking at do giveaways still work and how to optimise them, key skills to succeed on Amazon and the choice of keywords for your product and relevance to your buyers.

  • Paul Harvey – Seller chat bots
  • Anthony Lee – Six Leaf
  • Michael Hartman – Innoventic
  • Chris Rawlings – Judo Launch

Do Giveaways still work?

  • Using discount codes to giveaway products to increase ranking on Amazon
  • They still do work and if they didn’t then launch companies would not work
  • How and when they work is the key to increasing ranking on Amazon
  • Used to be a single day boost, then to Super URLs, then how many days do you run the launch for
  • Works best if you take a longer 10 days period of launch according to Chris’ international data
  • In the USA, Anthony’s data showed a blip this year that changed launches but it seems to have gradually stabilised
  • The new data now shows that launches lasting over 7 days do a lot better than shorter launches
  • Discount amount didn’t seem to matter but the 50%-80% range of discount seemed to do better
  • The volume and velocity is a key theory of Anthony’s on deep discounts affecting velocity – steady 15-50 codes per day and between 2,500 and 15,000 exact search volume are the components seeing huge success

Giveaway Tactics for Ranking on Amazon

  • It makes sense that Amazon would be concerned about deep discount 90% discounts and no organic sales made and possible poor products for customers
  • Diversifying your traffic sources, coupons and staggering the discount codes giving Amazon a new view of your strategy and tactics is key
  • The launch and drop back down is not what you want, getting visibility and staying is the ideal approach
  • After the launch go really hard on the PPC for the first month after launch as a really good followup to capitalise on your visibility from launch
  • All the people that are saying Giveaways don’t work are one-trick ponies using Giveaways only
  • Doing Giveaways as part of a mixed strategy of Facebook, URLs, Ads, etc. works very well
  • Having a real brand is a key to getting organic sales and stinking around on Amazon for the long term

Key Skills on Amazon

  • Skill 1: Your Team’s Marketing skills will impact your ranking on Amazon
  • Skill 2:The Quality and Selection of your product
  • You can employ services for accounting, etc but not these two skills above
  • Without these two skillset you will struggle to succeed on Amazon or any marketplace
  • Paul had a client with a more interesting product as a kids toy – his other client with Bath salts was a $1 a click and the Kids Toy was 10c a click

Mis-calculate Search Term and No. of Units for Giveaway

  • You might choose the wrong search term for the product you are selling and the number of units to giveaway
  • Used to be take the biggest turn and throw 500 units out in a day and you’ll get the biggest sales
  • This is not the case now
  • Worse than not picking the right keywords to focus for PPC is to go with the most ‘general’ keyword underestimating how expensive it is to rank above the top 5 Sellers who are ‘established’ and look to Buyers like they’re meant to be there
  • You don’t want to be on this hamster wheel all the time
  • You want to choose the keyword and marketing that fits with your product and where you are in your lifecycle
  • Go for a product that is unique and a sub-niche in your category to show value and tailor your strategy for that audience to ensure high conversions and stickiness to avoid the Hamster Wheel
  • Amazon has created the A9 algorithm to maintain a marketplace that keeps products where they should be for the buyers to see them as relevant
  • A visual search is the easiest way to tell if your product is ‘relevant’ – the water bottle example shows a clear plastic one or a snazzy £16 one – don’t just go on Keyword volume data
  • Michael put out 3,000 listings last year and went for low and medium volume and long-tail keywords

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