(pt2) Amazon Data Leaks… Plugging The Gaps

Steve Simonson continues on data leaks, Amazon Vendor One account and the impact to Sellers, Amazon knocking off Seller products, the implications and repercussions of data leaks and how to get help if you feel hard done by

  • Scraping is a sensitive issue for Amazon
  • Why does Amazon care if we’re scraping front-end data anway?
  • Without using a 3rd party company that scrapes the data you would be blind and unable to respond to some Amazon Seller support queries
  • The backend data leak from the undocumented API hook open to the World was not meant to be accessible
  • It is right and fair that Amazon closed this as they did not want the backend data to get out into the hands of Amazon competitors (i.e. Walmart)

Repercussions of Amazon Data Leaks

  • Seemed quite blase about it and no-one got slapped for it
  • One friends and family review could get you suspended however take a year of data from the backend and there are no repercussions
  • If it’s a customer breach of trust thing then Amazon is down on it like a ton of bricks
  • There are a lot of people in Amazon that don’t understand the data leak problem
  • The average Sellers and definitely expert Sellers know more about how to sell on Amazon than the average Amazon employee in Amazon themselves
  • The internal working is very Siloed

Vendor One Account

  • Vendor One accounts
  • Amazon allegedly goes to a marketplace vendor and says “you either sell to us as a Vendor or you don’t sell at all”
  • The 3rd Party marketplace makes a lot more money than the vendor side

Amazon Knocking Off Sellers?

  • Amazon knocking off the private label sellers with their own brands using all their data
  • An Amazon rep went into the factory of a seller and asked them to make the same product but $4 cheaper which is an outrage
  • Amazon has so much data they can mine it for new products to own brand themselves meaning they have an unfair advantage over Sellers
  • We think this kind of joining up of data and release of Amazon branded products is happening more often
  • Amazon Private Label Brands are doing $8-10bn and by 2022 it will be over $20bn
  • Proactively trying to lobby Amazon to be fair and not greedy

Amazon Planning Resources

  • Amazon showed a lot of planning towards positive Seller initiatives in the 3rd Qtr of last year which therefore gives good signals
  • Steve took 8 hrs at Amazon with 30 people to help them arrange their resources
  • Subtle tweaks and changes coming that will make Seller’s lives better
  • Ready to hold Amazon to account where they are not doing the right things


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