Q4 Chatbot Strategies with Michelle Barnum Smith

Michelle Barnum Smith runs her own agency focusing on Amazon Messenger Q4 chatbot strategies and marketing

  • Amazing how the year sneaks up on you
  • Early October is a good time to position for the heavy buying season coming up

Refresh your list

  • If you have one or starting to get into it
  • Your list has maybe gone a little cold or not been used
  • Resurrect the dead names or cut out the dead wood as part of your Q4 chatbot strategies
  • Ask permission and set expectations
  • Hey, maybe it’s been a while….we’re going to be messaging you, click here if you want out otherwise click here
  • Unsubscribes will not ding you in Amazon but blocked conversations will
  • Get those problem ones out

Invite people to Holiday Gift Deal club

  • Hey we’re going to be launching some really great deals over the next few weeks, click here to get in
  • Being part of the club makes people feel more special
  • When you start messaging them more than usual they expect it

Build the Sharing is Caring audience

  • If you know anybody that would love these deals then share this with them
  • Messenger has great sharing capabilities
  • Everyone loves traffic so use it

Additional Subscribers

  • Run a subscriber campaign as part of your Q4 chatbor strategies with facebook ads and drive traffic to whichever deal you’re promoting too
  • Refresh your list

Go Time!

  • Once your list if refreshed then it’s Go Time
  • Have a comms plan setup and establish your communications
  • Have a strategy for a week by week basis on what is happening when
  • Stops you over-botting people with your Q4 chatbot strategies and over-messaging – stops your campaigns overlapping
  • Get the right message, don’t overspam them and be consistent with your messaging to keep them engaged with your Q4 chatbot strategies

Strategy in Place then…

  • Start launching your subscriber campaigns
  • Give the biggest discounts to your club first to establish trust and responsiveness
  • ‘Engagement’ is a key metric to the algorithm in Facebook and Messenger
  • They know the deal is live and so need to get on the deal there and then via the coupon

Messenger versus Email

  • Read time on email is like within an hour or never
  • For Messenger it’s 3secs and if you train your list that if they get a message from you they need to move fast to get the deal, it could be less
  • They know it will be hot, time sensitive and action sensitive – if you want this deal then you need to act quick
  • Get it down to 1sec read time
  • Build that responsive audience that translates into traffic – provide the biggest discount to the “club” segment of your list
  • Hot time is Oct 1 to Nov 21st – now is the time to run your campaigns and maximise on your Q4 chatbot strategies


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