Ranking Factors PT 2 – Danny McMillan, Casey Gauss, Ivelin Demirov, Liran Hirschkorn, Paul Harvey, Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn

Danny and the team cover are on ranking factors and look into the power of PPC to move the organic rank needle, plus the grey or not area of rebates for driving sales. Plus the neat trick in listing as ‘used’ is uncovered.

Does PPC Boost ranking?

  • PPC Boost organic rank on Amazon.com
  • Some say yes, some say no
  • Different signal strengths and levels of competition
  • Danny believes it does affect what you’re bidding on

Liran’s view

  • Definite proof
  • New product with no promotional push on it and got it ranked
  • PPC gave it a big push
  • Done it on other people’s accounts as well with PPC
  • Use the keyword in the title
  • Use viral launch opportunity score to go after keywords other may not be targeting
  • And product targeting ads onĀ  competition that is ranking for that search term as well
  • Run 10-20 keywords and be super aggressive
  • New products are much easier to test as well
  • Be aggressive and turn on dynamic bidding up and down 50-100% for top of search
  • Will be best bet at top of search

Dan Ashburn’s view…

  • Been using PPC for launches for 18 months
  • Confidently categorically it does
  • Start narrow and go wide in launches
  • Go narrow and aggressive on bidding during launch as its for visibility and not profitability
  • The number of accounts where they have had a PPC company come and optimise their campaigns and just reduce their negative ACoS terms
  • But after 3 months the listing tanks for these terms as organic ranking is not competing well enough without the help of PPC

Paul’s view

  • Combine chatbot search and buy with PPC
  • Get a really low ACoS
  • Get incredibly aggressive on the keyword and the person does not even know they are clicking on a sponsored ad
  • PPC is an additional strategy to be using in the launch and process

Does bidding in PPC and losing help rank?

  • Your PPC performance metrics really influence organic rank
  • Used to bid very aggressively and be in 1st ad position but conversion rate was poor so fell in rank
  • From top of page to mid page 2
  • If not performing and turn off the campaign then keyword ranking would jump back up
  • So it works positively but also negatively
  • PPC driving keyword ranking is proven both positively and negatively

Going too Broad

  • Going too broad in your targeting can be negative for ranking factors
  • When not confident in the keyword research
  • Run a broad campaign to get the data and then narrow in on an exact match campaign

Don’t be stubborn on your price

  • People being to stubborn on the price up front
  • Don’t be too picky
  • You need the visibility and the sales so drop your product price to influence the ranking factors too
  • If you’re going to put your ad on someone else’s product listing then you need to win the sales
  • You spend more on PPC than you might in dropping your price to win the sales


  • Liran says rebates are a grey area around ranking factors
  • Some Amazon language saying it’s OK but compensating buyers is not okay
  • Right now it’s working well for a lot of people with rebates for full price buys
  • Problem seems to be it is undefined and hence grey
  • There are services out there and some are getting good results from them
  • Dan’s used rebates and thinks it comes down to the Buyer accounts nad pool of buyers that will create patterns to Amazon
  • Not heard of any cases of people coming up against rebates issues
  • Need to give away 25% what you’d usually do giving a healthy discount
  • Amazon could at some point say rebates are manipulation in the future – grey area
  • Think it’s low risk for now – really comes down to the buyer activity
  • Blend in with manychat, facebook, PPC and rebates
  • Rebates are now what review clubs were when they started
  • We were all nervous when they started
  • People will use it now and eventually it will be cutoff
  • Took Amazon 2 years to ban review clubs

Listing as ‘used’ trick

  • A clever solution around this
  • Issues around coupons and hitting the coupon limit
  • Hijackers of people buying your products
  • Take inventory stamp as ‘used’ and list it a used as new
  • List it at 90% off etc list it at that
  • Run traffic and sales to that
  • You get the full price ranking, you get the sales and no-one can re-list your product as it’s now listed as used
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