Ranking Factors PT 4 – Danny McMillan, Casey Gauss, Ivelin Demirov, Liran Hirschkorn, Paul Harvey, Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn

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The Team and Danny look at BSR and Ranking Factors to see what gives us the biggest hit in terms of efforts and rewards. We look at brand names and their effect on BSR plus whether keyword ranking is important.

What effects Best seller rank?

  • Separate BSR and Ranking
  • Bots can get you rank without high BSR
  • There isn’t necessarily correlation with BSR and good ranking
  • People on page one with low BSR and likely using methods or bots to rank without getting sales
  • All dependent on the number of orders and not units
  • Recency is a big factor

Products ranking organically but not generating much sales

  • Higher priced than page one
  • No-one searching for keywords
  • Wrong keywords
  • Low search volume
  • Only if there’s significant search volume
  • Check your search term report for impressions to see if there’s any interest in it
  • With brand analytics you’ll see the Top 3 ASINs
  • Tells you how far down the page people are scrolling
  • Gives you a sense of whether to target a keyword depending on where the sales comes on the page

EBC – Putting keywords behind images worth it?

  • Google images is a huge search engine to bring traffic
  • Focus on using EBC to convert not for rank
  • Include most important keywords in your title
  • Conversion rate will impact your rank and EBC will impact your conversion rate

Does search volume for Brand Names affect BSR in their Category?

  • Anything BSR – BSR is strictly dictated by the number of orders for a product
  • All about number of orders and recency (not units) as ranking factors

Is Keyword Ranking important to Ranking Factors?

  • 15-40% of sales come through PPC, the rest through keyword rankings
  • Having the right keyword makes a big difference to ranking factors
  • Check your brand analytics if you are one of the top 3 ASINs
  • If you are and no sales then there’s likely not enough traffic there
  • Need to use a number of different data points to understand how you’re driving sales and improve it
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