Ranking Factors PT 5 – Danny McMillan, Casey Gauss, Ivelin Demirov, Liran Hirschkorn, Paul Harvey, Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn

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Our Ranking Factors session continues with Danny and the gang answering questions in Facebook live and a run through of what each of our amazing speakers will be covering at Seller Sessions Live in London.

Rest of Search ACoS is acceptable but not for Top of Search or Product Pages how do I fix it?

  • Utilise a very low bid and increase the bid for product pages
  • No easier answer
  • You can’t set a bid modifier for rest of search
  • Your bid, plus your internal quality score in Amazon
  • If you don’t bid a high amount then you’ll show in rest of search but not top of search but will still show up in product pages

Spanish Search

  • Testing putting spanish terms in the Description to pull through spanish search onto the listing 20-30%
  • To pull on demand from services to buy and ship to other countries

Liran Seller Sessions Live Talk

  • Covering PPC optimisation and low hanging fruit
  • Strategies around PPC
  • Influencers and using them
  • Cheap product videos from influencers to use on Amazon and Social
  • Product Design Hack to differentiate

Paul Seller Sessions Live Talk

  • Covering on 10X Strategies on Chatbots

Danny Talk at Seller Sessions Live

  • Amazon PPC the science lab for your business
  • Use Amazon’s algorithm flaws to your advantage with stopping and stemming
  • Save money on aggressive auto campaigns

Athena Seller Sessions slot

  • With China Magic driving Networking
  • Optimising how to find each other on strengths
  • Keeping energy levels up and interactive

Casey covers at Seller Sessions Live

  • How to drive ranking for major brands (Fortune 100)
  • Strategies to drive Keyword ranking without giveaways

Anthony Lee Seller Sessions Live

  • Psychological marketing to get new customers
  • How the brain works and why people buy
  • How to turn on the engine that keeps people buying


Casey talk at Seller Sessions Live

  • Going for phrase or exact match on keyword at Launch
  • What’s your budget as a lot of people make mistake of going broad nad come narrow
  • Dan likes to go exact and broaden as needed based on daily data
  • Viral launch don’t use any exact match approach off the bat, focus on following the data on most efficient and effective keywords
  • Change the mindset around ranking for particular keywords, we tell Amazon what we should rank for but the market needs to tell us and we should go off of that and optimise
  • It takes longer but gets you to the same place cheaper
  • Go auto-broad and see what works then focus on those after they demonstrate they sell
  • Paying attention to ACoS and seeing how organic ranking is moving
  • A lot of the time don’t target the main keyword but the ancillary keywords and still get the benefit of ranking for main keywords anyway


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